So Zara just dropped their Autumn / Winter collection and well, as you can imagine when I saw their Capsule Collection had returned again - my basket was quickly gaining items. We purchased a few of the above, and the others are on our lust list for a little while longer.

1. Our first purchase was an Autumn coat, because we've started to have those rainy days now where it isn't t-shirt weather but I don't want to boil Noah with his winter coat just yet, this adorable Zara Trench Coat will be lovely on him. I did want the yellow raincoat but they didn't have his size - damn.

2. This gorgeous Zara grey and black grid shirt was too cute not to grab. It's actually displayed on their website using it as a jacket, which could work nicely too. I love items that can double up as something else. Plus it's monochrome grid, what else could I ask for?

3. A geometric print, oversized tee had to be grabbed. It's gorgeous and almost a little 'Bobo Choses' don't we think? I love the fact it's mid sleeves, which is great for this mismatched weather, I think I'll keep this one back for more special occasions though as I'm sure it will stain or ruin easily with it being cream.

4. High top trainers - Noahs jumped up a whole half a size now to a 6.5, and some of his other shoes are looking a little tired, especially as he seemed to have been a size 6 for the longest time. I got these in a 7.5 for him to grow into, as for some reason Zara don't do a 7 - whats that all about? And they'll last him well into winter. They'll go with everything and be extra comfy too, win win.

5. The last purchase I'm going to talk about is the divine 'Trousers with straps' as they're labelled online (No idea what else to call them) I think they're so adorable, and with some baggy tee's tucked into them, they will spruce up a basic look instantly. Plus they're a little different and instantly caught my eye.

Those where my favourite pieces from their new A|W drop, but I suspect there shall be some more new bits arriving over the coming weeks. I even sneaked a peak onto the girls section and it looked just as incredible. What's your favourite pieces this Autumn?

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