The boys are huge PJ Masks fans, so we jumped for joy when we found out we were being sent a big selection of new and existing PJ Mask toys, and I truly mean jump for joy - with Noah asking if it was Christmas when he opened the box. We were kindly send the items and you can be in with a chance of winning some of them during a fantastic Twitter party that will be hosted on October 17th from 1-3pm following the #PJMasksToys hashtag. Definitely make sure you check that out and see all the fun games we'll be getting up to whilst the party is in full swing.

The new toys are all based on the brand new PJ Masks supermoon episodes, the theme in the toys is easy to see with new and novel characters to match. The star of the show in my eyes and an incredible base present was the Mission Control HQ Playset, retailing at just £49.99 it's really good value given how sizeable it is and just how much you can do with it. Whilst there was a lot of battling with cable ties to get into it, I managed to put it together within minutes and the boys have loved playing with it ever since. Trap doors, lights and sounds which of course include the iconic PJ Masks theme tune, along with so many other cause and effects - it really is a fantastic set. The playset does come with Catboy and Romeo however you can purchase other characters separately which brings us onto the second set.

The Deluxe Figure set is the great addition to any PJ Mask fans collection. It goes really well with the HQ and there are so many figures included, sixteen in total, that I truly can't see any little one wanting for more, it includes Catboy, Gecko, Owlette, Luna girl, Romeo, Night Ninja and little Ninjalinos, all figures have poseable arms so the matching accessories can be used well alongside them.

The SpeedBooster Vehicles are fantastic, brand new this autumn and retailing at just £13.99 each they're great additions to the PJ Masks toy range. We like to use them on the go so that Catboy, Gecko and Owlette can tackle adventures outside the house too. Their incredibly robust and despite more scrapes, tumbles and falls than you can imagine these little cars have withstood it all.

The Supermoon Adventure HQ Rocket is my personal favourite, it too is brand new for autumn and offers so much in one toy. With the simple push of a button the rockets ramp can release and Gekko will launch his space rover out to battle. There's lights, sounds and a variety of ways to play and build on your little ones imagination. With the cockpit opening up and allowing for all three PJ Masks to nuzzle inside, it really is just brilliant. The rocket can stand up, lay on it's belly or be held by the giant handle as it whizzes through the sky, it retails at £49.99 and really is a main event toy.

The supermoon adventure figure and accessory set are also new to the range and based on the brand new episodes. PJ Masks are in their brand new supermoon spacesuits and looking hot to trot with the accessories included in the set. The figures have multiple articulation points meaning imagination can run free as you get the superheros to battle through adventures. At £9.99 they're definitely a bargain and go really well with the other playsets I've mentioned.

All the toys mentioned are available and most good toy stores, including Smyths, Amazon and Very.

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