The boys in this household love playing with train tracks, and I say boys because it really isn't just Noah - no, Patrick and John are as equally dotty about curating their own little worlds with tracks and trains. And me being the practical parent, when I think of train tracks I never really look further than Brio, our house is littered with their toys, from their push and pull cars to their tracks themselves so when the opportunity came up to get our hands on the brand new Lift & Load Warehouse set and expand the boys train tracks, I couldn't turn it down.

The Lift & Load Warehouse set when it first arrives looks impressive, the box was incredibly helpful and showed so many different ways you can set the track up, as well as listing out all the pieces that you'll find inside. For us the set is an addition to the boys collection, but it's substantial enough to work well completely on it's own without the need for any additional pieces. For us the set was great, packaging inside was minimal and the instructions to assembly were incredibly straight forward, but even by sight of the box you could work out what needs to go where, it's really a simple but effective layout.

John and the boys had the set put together in a matter of minutes, Noah is almost five and he really enjoyed building it himself (with a little bit of Daddy direction), he was so proud when we looked at the finished track because it's such an impressive design with the height and turns - I just knew the boys would really enjoy playing with it.

The set includes stack-able bridges, sloping tracks and the giant warehouse as well a a little forklift, wagon and a workman. The warehouse was by far their favourite bit, you can let the wagon run down the track right till the end, before using the lift to carry it all the way back to the top. The thing I love with Brio track also, that for me sets it apart from others by a long mile, is how smooth the track runs, there are no lumps or bumps, no trains falling off and thus no tantrums from the boys. As long as the track is built as intended, your trains going to make it from the beginning to the end - a huge plus for me.

Brio are pretty renowned for their sturdy and quality toys and those traits are consistent in this set, aimed at age 3+ it's just great for little ones whether it's their first set or they're expanding on a collection. The boys have adored it since we opened it last week and I think it will be a firm favourite for years to come.

*I was given this set in exchange for my review, as always all opinions are honest and my own.

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