I love looking at honeymoon locations, far away exotic beaches, that I'll probably never arrive at because I'm not even engaged yet - *cough cough* JOHN. However, that doesn't stop me looking. I remember when my Mum and Dad got married, they took us all with them on their honeymoon, and by 'all of us' I mean four children, my little brother only being one at the time. Troopers yes, but are they crazy? Your honeymoon is the time when you have the ultimate excuse to drop the smalls at the grandparents for the week and jet off into the sun, an excuse I will be fully relishing when it comes to our time. Though being ringless, it isn't exactly something I have to worry about just yet.

I think when you're looking at holidaying without your children, you have to go for a destination that isn't child friendly, to truly get the most out of your solo time. After all, aren't honeymoons supposed to be that once in a lifetime trip? I say honeymoons, of course this doesn't have to be exclusive to one, but I can't think of another time when we'd have an opportunity to holiday long haul without the children, nor I'm sure that we would want to. Our little break away for four nights last year was plenty enough for me, it allowed us to really spend quality time together. So where would I go?

The Maldives.
This must be the dream for a child free vacay. The white beaches, the secluded huts overhanging the sea, it's just beautiful. Completely un-child friendly, though I'm sure people do visit with children in tow the brochures paint a different picture. Islands that you can't even see on a globe, that you can walk the perimeter of in an hour. It's just incredibly idyllic and though the water plane entry to the islands definitely sets me on edge, it is somewhere I want to visit, whether that's when the kids are older and have fledged the nest - maybe we'll need some real relaxation after 20+ years of raising them.

Destination 2 would have to be Thailand. I'm incredibly envious that my sister and brother in law have both been to Thailand, the stories they tell have definitely influenced me in wanting to go myself. I have to admit I'm more of a Phi Phi girl than a Bangkok. I want to visit the beaches rather than the cities. I'd love to visit during Songkran, if you haven't heard about it I urge you to head to google, it's their water festival that happens every year mid April, between certain hours of the day you can literally dowse people in water. Lucy and Joe visited during that period and it sounded unbelievable. Of course, not something the children would enjoy too much as Patrick freaks out if the shower comes on whilst he's in the bath, so another destination on the 'without the boys' list.

New York
Ok by this point I do feel a bit selfish as it's though we're saving all the best destinations to visit without our sons, but just think of all the walking in New York. I'm sure when the boys are older we will visit the big apple with them, when they will moan a little less. Who am I kidding, this is the easy bit I'm sure. New York is the very top of every travel list I do, I long to visit. I'm fascinated by 9/11 and after seeing it all play out on television, I would do anything to visit ground zero and see the memorial museum. The rest of the New York tick list comes as part and parcel, a carriage ride through central park, ice skating at the Rockerfellar. It's so iconic, and just think how Insta worthy it would be.

Realistically, I do have children. Two beautiful boys, and if I wanted to travel to countries and cities that aren't child friendly, the time to do that has probably passed. That doesn't mean to say the opportunity wont arise, and if it does, I shall sure be grasping it with both hands.

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