One of my biggest regrets in our house is getting carpet in the living room, I really wish we'd opted for wood flooring for the simple fact, it's so much easier to clean. But hindsight it a wonderful thing and until I can truly justify the expense of replacing a two year old carpet, we're stuck with our big brown mistake that is the living room floor. Having carpet however means as soon as there is anything dropped, it requires hoovering, I can't simply wipe it up so since the boys now love to eat their lunches at their little table and chairs it's proved an endless task. Sometimes I feel like I see more of our vacuum cleaner than I do my other half and just when ours was on the blink, I saw the Miele Blizzard CX1 and just knew that it was perfect for our family. Fate, I'm sure you'll agree.

The Miele is the perfect vacuum for a family home, all of the problems that had arisen with our previous hoover were gone when we swapped it out for the Miele Blizzard. It arrived incredibly easy to assemble and ready to go from the off, every attachment had a place to be stored which is great if you're someone like me who will undoubtedly lose loose pieces. The settings are incredibly easy to use and understand as you can see there are four symbol settings, varying dependant what floor surface you're using, this is amazing for us as our kitchen floor is vinyl and it means I can simply swap the suction level to suit that room without having to opt for a brush instead. These settings can easily be adjusted on the handle of the vacuum, meaning switching settings is all done in the time it takes your thumb to click the plus button.

The vacuum is easily emptied, simply by pulling up the handle at the rear of the cylinder and tipping away the dirt and dust that collects in the waste box. I found the 'max' line on the box to be really helpful in knowing when I needed to empty it, and obviously a very key piece of information to ensure you don't over fill and thus break your vacuum. You never have to worry about cleaning the filter, as the Miele comes with a built in comfort clean feature, it can detect when the filter is dirty and automatically removes any build up - genius. Another feature that we really loved was the extending handle, it closes right down to a minimal height so that storage is super convenient, but also extends so that both me and my other half can vacuum without bending down and adding pressure to our backs. The handle itself can be attached to the hoover by simply sliding it into the fitting on the back, there's also an option to do this on the side which again is fantastic when you're storing it away when it's not in use.

The Miele really appealed to me because of just how lightweight it was, in the past hoovering the stairs has always been a bit of a trouble, trying to negotiate up and down with a heavy vacuum isn't ideal and the Miele really makes that task a lot easier. It's incredibly compact, so it easily rests on our stairs whilst I whizz up and down, I can switch the handle to a more compact nozzle meaning I can get right into all the nooks and crannies with ease. Another noticeable difference to previous vacuum cleaners is the noise, the Miele is so quiet I can even hoover when my boys are in bed and they are none the wiser. Previously the loud noise of vacuuming has scared them and for that reason they're not the biggest fans of seeing the vacuum, but thankfully since we have our Miele Blizzard they're much happier and prefer to sit behind it and watch the dust collect - riveting stuff I'm sure.

*I was sent the Miele in exchange for my honest review

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