I touched upon wanting to travel in my goals for this year, but I think it's a little more than that. It isn't a want, it's an urge, this year is the peak year for us to travel for a multitude of reasons. Noah starts school in September, full time and while I'm aware you can take them out during term time legally up until the term after their fifth birthday, I just want to make the most of having no strings attached to our plans. Since Christmas hit, I can't stop looking at holidays, whether it's villa rentals in Mexico or staycations at the seaside, I want something booked. Nothing seems to have caught my eye and lured me in enough yet, and I know I need to take my time and not rush into anything but the sunshine is seriously lacking in England right now which is making surfing across those booking pages a whole lot easier.

My computer history since January only shows how indecisive I've been. I've found myself on probably ever travel agent in the UKs booking pages, before clicking off as if it's some type of game, taunting myself with what I almost booked. I can't quite commit to anything yet, and I'm not sure why. It's no secret I love the sun, something I think that has be instilled in me since childhood through my sun seeking parents, we've been lucky and I've holidayed a lot, from Cuba, Mexico and Brazil, to Tunisia, Turkey and Egypt. A passport with stamps on every page, something I'm incredibly thankful for, but something that has also given me huge expectations of my own travel plans, which are somewhat un-achievable, but a girl can dream hey? And that is exactly what I'm doing, every day, I'm dreaming of packing suitcases, applying suncream and the sound of flip flops on a hot tiled floor, but until I can make my mind up about what country we're going to scratch off our map, I'm going to mind dump all the whats, wheres and whys.

It's top of Johns bucket list to visit Mexico and although I've visited twice before, it's definitely a country that I don't think you can ever get enough of. We have always opted for all inclusive hotels, you know what you're getting and with children it seemed to be the easier option, but since my parents bought their villa in Spain and I have now had a taste of villa life with children, a holiday rental wouldn't be out of the question. I can't put my finger on whether it's the fast paced lifestyle, the vibrant beaches or the seriously scrumptious food but Mexico will always be up there with my favourite holiday destinations and I hope that one day, even if it isn't this year, we can tick off that box as a family.

New York
Annoyingly, me and John swap roles when it comes to the big apple. He's been, just after Christmas too which is the dream and I'm yet to grace America at all. This would be a destination without the smalls I think, so probably one I wont even contemplate until they're both at school and would be less affected by us jetting off to the other side of the Atlantic. Plus, at that age it would be less traumatic to my parents who'd be on official baby-sitting duties. New York must feature on most peoples travel bucket lists I'm sure, it's iconic and there is so much to do and see, I'm really fascinated by 9/11 and to visit ground zero would be a huge deal, it's a city I wont rest until I've explored.

Yay! Another classic, especially as a parent, it's a rite of passage that your children visit some stretch of Disneyland/world. I'm talking the big guns here, Florida. Another destination that I know will not be happening anytime soon, it's not somewhere we can afford to visit year upon year, so I want to make sure the boys are prime age. Noah is already seriously into his Disney films, I would love to think of a weekend when we haven't been subjected to watching Toy Story or The Incredibles - he isn't aware that a place like this exists, where he can actually meet his heroes. I know it will be magical and so I want to hold off until they can soak up every inch of that goodness and appreciate it, so Disney is on the back burner for now.

Duh! I really don't look around our own doorstep enough, and I don't mean literally, because once someone had let their dog poo right outside our door and let me tell you that I noticed that instantly! You catch my drift - I'm talking staycations. I will be honest and I always thought booking a break in the UK was a waste of annual leave, but John seems to get a vast amount and of course I'm not constrained by a 9-5 job, so it seems this might be a perfect year to add some staycations to the mix. We've already made a start by booking a holiday park break in March, I haven't visited a Haven since I was a pre-teen so it shall be a throwback experience. Me and John have a London break next month which was kindly booked as one of my Christmas presents from my parents, so we have that to look forward to. I think that's the main premises of staycations,  it is something to look forward to without breaking the bank. It's a break, without actually making you broke, and I love that concept, even if it's taken me a few years to realise that.

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