It's soggy, cold and miserable outside, that can mean only one thing, it's autumn! Like almost every other blogger on the planet, it's my favourite season. The build up to Christmas, the cold and crisp evenings and just wrapping up in chunky knits or thick blankets on the sofa - I can't get enough, so despite life being a little bit chaotic right now, I'm definitely happy that we're well and truly into autumn. This past month probably looked a little ad heavy over here and on Instagram, and granted it has been a busier work month for me but it hasn't been helped by the fact I haven't put my own standalone content up in between. So my aim from now until the end of the year for sure, is to keep doing that, my blog is my career but it is also a place for me to ramble, share memories and moments and generally just blow of some steam if I wish to do so.

So what have we been getting up to? I spoke about how we don't go crazy on Halloween, you're never going to find a spookily decorated house, family costumes or us heading around villages trick or treating but we did celebrate in our own little way. The boys had a Halloween box and we did some little crafts in the house on the day, we snuggled up and watched scary films (for them of course) as well as heading out to watch the new Addams family movie that they both absolutely loved. Now spooky season is over though, I'm definitely all about Christmas, I'm trying to let myself get fully excited even though I know this year will be very different to previous years but I'm determined to make it as magical as ever for the boys. We're very much in 'Santa is watching' territory, I know people like to jump on the ''don't manipulate kids'' bandwagon when it comes to Santa threats but I'm really all for them, the more the merrier if it gets me through Asda without a fuss.

I got our annual pumpkin patch photos which truthfully aren't my favourite photos ever, in previous years I've loved it as they've been so candid. The boys happily run around picking their favourites and laughing at the funny shaped or weirdly coloured ones, but this year the patch was an absolute bog. Even with wellies on I was worried the boys may slip and end up covered head to toe, I'm not mud shy but it was cold and I know they would hate it had it happened.

Still we got a few corkers, we snacked on hot dogs and grabbed our pumpkins. We don't really engage in all the extra shizz on offer at the patch, it all becomes a bit much and then what originally was a simple day out that's relatively expense free, becomes a spend fest and it's a shame a lot of patches have really chose that route, but I guess I can't blame them. So we didn't hang around for too long, it was getting busier and busier and we knew that just meant more mud, I was genuinely worried we'd have a welly stuck and foot in the mood incident as it was so thick it felt like being at Glastonbury.

Noah has his birthday coming up in a month, so we're in the midst of planning all of that right now, he's so excited and I can't wait to see him have the best day with his friends. He's almost six and while I don't feel old enough to have a son that is six nor does it feel a full six years since he was born, but he absolutely has the attitude to match his age. We're hearing a little bit of cheekiness now where Noah has always been the quiet and obedient one, I know it's natural and it's nothing out of the ordinary, just a glimpse of the future I'm sure. Then before we know it we're hitting full festivities, I cannot wait and I know the boys are even more excited than I am (which is hard).

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  1. These are such adorable photos!
    It's the best time of year x