It's snuggle season here for us, the windows are closed, the hats and scarves are out of the box and the coats are always in the car boot ready for the next adventure. I was already eyeing up some pieces in Next, like I do every time a new season hits and they got in touch asking us to pick out our favourite bits and they'd send them over. With the colder weather now setting in, I knew that knits and winter wear was the way to go, we've purchased pretty much every type of clothing from Next and they always last so well, they end up being passed on from Noah to Patrick because they're still in great shape even after a year of wear.

I love autumn, cosy-ing up with big jumpers and mittens, it's just my favourite season. We love getting out and about and while in summer it's amazing to have hours of sunshine, it exhausts us so fast and in the UK we're really not built for hot weather. Autumn suits us, it's cold and crisp outside, then once we're done exploring, we really feel the benefit of the warmth once we head inside and start taking off the layers.

First up from Next, I picked a coat for each of the boys, for Noah I knew when I saw this beautiful Epsom coat that I had to pick it up, it's going to be great for the Autumn and I'm sure will work well in the spring too. It's stylish, chic and super fashionable, it's not too thick so it means we can layer it with chunky knits underneath, which is exactly what we did on our pumpkin picking adventure. We had lots of compliments and I just think it makes him look like a proper little young boy, it's so smart. For Patrick I wanted to opt for something more practical, as he's three and an absolute wild card, there's no way style comes into the top priorities when I think about clothing for him. It's durability and practicality, both that I found in this gorgeous shacket. Before browsing the site I honestly hadn't heard of a shacket before, but I'm sold, they're just perfect for this time of year and exactly what he needed right now. It's so thick and warm, it keeps him all wrapped up, but it isn't as bulky as your standard winter coat, so he isn't going to be sweating buckets when he's running about. The colours are different shades of green which again, feels super fitting for autumn.

To help layer Noahs coat up to get that extra warmth, I picked up one of their staple cable jumpers, in the shade rust - it was actually so hard to pick just one colour as they were all beautiful and had Patricks size been in stock I would have got him matching (yes I am that Mum). It's lovely, has a lot of give in it and has washed so well, which is refreshing as we've bought knitwear from elsewhere that in the past has shrunk in the wash and given it's only the start of the colder months, that's definitely not what I wanted.

When I looked at hats and scarfs it was a no brainer what set I was going to choose for Noah, it's one we've had before and passed down to Pip now he's outgrown it. I was so happy to see it in stock again this year as for me I love a matching set, I like to coordinate and I love how many colours are woven into this particular set, it means it can match with so many outfits and I don't have to worry about it looking a bit odd. It does stop at 5-6y so it's looking like this will be the last winter that Noah gets out of them but thankfully I still have Pip to sport them for a few more years to come, again they've lasted so well, there isn't ever any bobbling or pull which I've found common in most hats and gloves, yet somehow not these. For Pip I went for a set of three mittens because, well, he's three and he's a lot less responsible so chances are one mitten will already be amiss before I've even finished writing this post. The colours are great and will go with a mass amount of outfits, so I just had to find a cute hat to match, which I did with the beautiful pom pom beanie, who doesn't love a kid in a pom pom hat honestly? I tried a beanie without one last year but he just ended up looking like Harry from Home Alone so we ditched that idea this time around.

I'm so pleased with everything we received and I'm sure if you follow us over on Instagram you'll see them showcased across the grid for many months to come.

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