Paw Patrol has always been a big hit in this household, with both of my boys actually, even at ages five and three, they both always lust after their toys whilst we're shopping. Quite a few are already on their Christmas list, however one that we've now ticked off is the Mighty Jet Command Centre from the Mighty Pups range. It's obviously going to be a massive hit this festive time, as even just by looking at the back of the box when it arrived I was pretty impressed.

The essential info: The Mighty Jet retails around £59.99 on Amazon but is available at most larger toy stores. Just keep your eyes peeled as chances are anything popular around this time of year will be reduced in Black Friday sales. It comes with batteries, three AAA's, so no faffing about for those with excited kids in the wings, or worse, realising you don't have them. There isn't any putting together so it's refreshing to have a toy that can be removed from the box and played with instantly, though there are a few stickers you can whack on.

So what is the Mighty Jet? Of course it's first and foremost a jet, a really big one so will absolutely give off the wow factor if it's going to be unwrapped from your under your tree this year. It has it's own cockpit at the front to pop in one of your favourite pups, right on the top of the Mighty Jets engine there is a button that when pressed lets off sounds and lights. It's not too loud or lasts a long time so it wont be one of those toys you're scrambling around to find the off switch for.

The jet transforms into the command centre as quick as a flash, you simply lift the handle to open the jet up and viola, you have your command centre. Inside there's room for all the pups, along with the Mighty Vehicles, folding it back up is just as easy as opening it too. There is a detachable mini jet that comes with its very own Ryder. You can pop him into the cockpit and with the push of a little button, launch him from the command centre off on his own journey. Along with that comes five discs, these can be slotted in both the mini jet or the mighty jet, again with a simple click these can be launched to fight off all enemies.

My boys both loved the toy, it is very large so would make a fantastic main present if you have a paw patrol fanatic, even a little boy or girl that adores all things air transport - as the Mighty Jet has so many functions I just know it'll please almost everyone. I really didn't have any concerns about it, apart from the weight of it, it was a little heavier than other Paw Patrol toys we've had previously so we did have a few pick ups and drops, that being said it didn't seem to flinch from the rough handling.


  1. This looks like an amazing toy!
    My nephew would love this, great review x

  2. This toy is really attractive and look really amazing. Kids love color's and I think kids will love this.

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