Since having babies my hair just isn't what it was. I'm well out of the postpartum period now, with a three and five year old but still my hair just wont be the same again, it's something I'd more or less accepted. After all I was never really having the time to put in as much effort into anything to do with myself as I was before, my make up routine was something more slapdash that I could rush into the five minutes while the boys ate breakfast and my hair was filled with more dry shampoo than I'd care to admit. But now my two are older, I really am wanting to put a bit more effort in, I do have more time and I want it to be reflected in how I look.

My first thought when I contemplated what to do with my hair was extensions, but the costs where honestly crazy and if I'm honest I didn't want something I had to deal with maintaining. When I heard about the Love Locks hair vitamins from Lydia, I was intrigued, most hair care supplements always come across gimmicky, were as Love Locks really looked a bit more 'serious'. Sure the bottle is cute and aesthetically pleasing but for me my main priority is definitely that the product works how I need and want it to.

I was pretty impressed when I looked into the Lydia hair growth supplement, it's made in the UK, vegan friendly and gluten free - I think that's pretty inclusive and something I know people may struggle to find in other products. It's packed full of hair-repairing nutrients like folic acid, biotin and msm, ensuring your hair really is receiving the best nutrients. It is a liquid supplement which perhaps it's just me but I feel would work quicker, I always prefer liquids to tablets as I just get the impression they work better, this could be in my mind I'm well aware. The bottle lasts for a full month, being 300ml and I made sure I set an alarm on my phone to take it regularly. You're directed to mix two teaspoons daily, diluted in water or if you're wanting the taste to be disguised then you can whack it into your juice or smoothie, it's entirely up to you. The taste is really inoffensive however, it tasted orange-y which I found absolutely fine to have with water in a morning alongside my breakfast.

From the supplements themselves I wasn't expecting to see overnight miracles, of course it's a month long treatment, so I was shocked at just how fast I started seeing results. Obviously I wasn't looking like Rapunzel overnight, you have to be realistic, so for me the first change I noticed was the reduction in shedding. My hair is thick, coarse and naturally very curly, I shed a LOT, it's a wonder I have any hair left honestly, but yet within a week of taking Love Locks I was finding less hair coming out in my brush, I had to look back on pictures I'd taken before I started with the supplement to confirm I wasn't going crazy. Then within two to three weeks I couldn't even notice any in the shower, previously it would be all over and I'd find that my norm, I knew it was working as I was excited to notice the results in my hair.

My hair whilst being thick, towards the ends was always a little straggly, probably what has grown out from having two babes, but already a month in I can not only feel the difference, I can see it. I've almost definitely gained a couple of inches, and bar taking the Lydia hair supplements I have changed nothing in my hair care routine, I wanted to be sure I could pin point the results to Lydia hair supplement and I can. The bottle lasted me just over the one month it claims to and I'm going to be repurchasing as I'm hoping the results will continue the longer I use the product. I am thoroughly impressed, my hair being so lacklustre was something I'd just accepted, I thought I'd have to spend a lot of money to make it resemble what I envisioned in my head. Yet here I am with amazing results in a little over a month.

Lydia liquid hair vitamins are available to buy for just £25.99 for one month, adding more than one months worth of product will give you a 15% discount.


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