I can't believe this will be my last post before the big day, we're just three sleeps away now and it still feels as though Christmas has completely jumped upon us. I had already really logged off for my Christmas break so to speak but I couldn't resist having one last festive post before I did, and what is better to end with than what we pop in our Christmas Eve box? I posted last years and it feels a little right of passage for me now, so here's what is going in this years. I try to include a bit of everything without going overboard as of course they're getting lots just the next day. However this year we are being a bit cheeky and the boys will get their basket on Christmas-eve-eve as we're busy on Christmas Eve itself as my parents, and it would go to waste otherwise.

 First up in the Christmas Eve basket is the biggest staple in my eyes and a good filler-uper if you've got a large box like I have, pyjamas. I always pick the boys up a pair from baby gap each year, they're a bit pricier however I tend to snap them when they do 50% nightwear in November so I grabbed an adorable fairaisle bear print. If you follow me on Instagram you'll no doubt see them over the festive period. I would say though do size up if you choose to go for Babygap as their sizing is incredibly snug. I'm not one that's bothered if the boys are wearing Christmas themed pjs in February but if you are it might be worth baring in mind what set you choose to opt for.

Some more staples that we include year after year are magic reindeer food, I know you can make this up easily but I'm a sucker for cute packaging and these adorable test tubes make it even more magical in my eyes so the boys have their own set each. Along with that goes hot chocolate, again with the over the top packaging but these Reindeer sachets are adorable and just really complete the Christmas look I feel.

Christmas Eve can be a bit of a drawn out day if you haven't got much to do, it's always wise to keep the little ones busy with small activities and I never try to spend too much as at 5 and 2 I'm not expecting hours of time invested. So this year I've grabbed a foil scratching set for Noah, along with some paint your own baubles and magic snow for both of them. We've already got a few Christmas colouring books so I snapped up some colour changing marker pens too that I know they'll both enjoy, anyone else remember having those as children?

It wouldn't be Christmas without a bit of cheesyness so I got deely boppers for the boys, snowman and Santa set each that I know will make for adorable photos at the very least, though Patrick LOVES a good accessory so I'm sure he'll don them all day. Alongside those are some little light up toys that I got in home bargains, they were around 50p each and they'll probably be hovered within a few cm of our eyeballs for most of the afternoon echoed by 'look Mummy, LOOK'. It isn't a Christmas Eve box if we don't include a letter to Santa book, it's our tradition now for Noah to write his letter on Christmas Eve, pop it under the doormat with Santas key and then of course in the morning Santas usually (I hope) granted his every wish.

Last but not least and what I'm sure the boys will be most interested in, chocolate. I try not to go over the top as I don't want them off their face on sugar but a little chocolate lollipop each is well enough, along with some grinch marshmellows for watching movies before bed. The giant galaxy bar they will not be indulging in, instead me and John will definitely tuck into that once the boyos are in bed.

I hope this has given you some ideas if you're wondering what to pop in this years basket, don't forget to go and check out last years and 2016's too.

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