Let's get all the cliche over and done with from the off, can we believe it's 2019? I certainly can't, it feels like just moments ago we still had all the heavy snowfall, or the summer that didn't want to end, I can't quite believe that I'm sat here writing about 2019 already. But here we are and I'm obviously going to be doing the cliche thing to do by talking about everything I want to achieve blog and business wise during twenty nineteen. Last year was huge for Babies and Beauty and my first full year of self employment, I couldn't be happier with the things I managed to achieve and only hope that this year continues on the same level.

It goes without saying that I want to do more travelling this year, I still pinch myself with the opportunities that I was given in 2018 being a Mark Warner ambassador, I can't thank the guys at MW enough, they're so lovely and we're going to be forever in awe of their resorts. I'm hoping we can tick another of their amazing locations off our bucket list later on in the year but till then I'm really looking to do more EU travel, because, you know, Brexit and all that, I feel like we need to make the most of it. This year is an expensive one in passport terms as we're all up for renewal besides Pip so we'll have to get that sorted first before nailing in any solid plans. I'm sure this year we'll pick up where we left off in 2017 and visit my parents villa in Alicante again as it's really a home away from home. Travel truly broadens the mind and we're always that bit happier with some extra stamps in our passports.

This year I'm really aiming to solidify my Instagram game. Insta is the platform I think we all love to hate and it certainly has fell into both of those categories this year for me, probably more so the latter as we've drifted into the end of last year. I've learnt last year when to put my phone down and stop scrolling so I noticed in December that my weekly time spent on Instagram was under an hour, that truly pleased me as I think the work life balance is always hard to manage when you're working from home. But that doesn't mean that I don't know I need to up my game, I managed to hit the big 10k last year and that was a goal I couldn't have imagined achieving, I'd love to get to 15k by the end of this year, though I'm all to aware how much of a slow burner Instagram can be. Aside from numbers I truly just want to focus on enjoying my little squares, I'm happy with my audience and I just need to concentrate on putting out content I'm happy with.

Quality over quantity is definitely my motto for this year in terms of blog content. I don't want to be whacking out any old piece just for the sake of having something recent to read - because if it's a boring read and not something I'm happy with then it's not what I'm wanting to achieve for Babies and Beauty this year. I was always of the impression that I had to have something live every third day on my blog because somehow if I didn't I'd lose my audience and vanish into the abyss, obviously now with a bit more experience under my belt I know it's not going to happen and that keeping quiet till you have something worth saying is much wiser than spouting out any old rubbish that you'll look back on and regret later.

More days out is high on my to-do list blog wise this year. I never really thought about documenting our days out before this year but they've been some of my favourite posts to write, it's so easy to take natural photos when we're all together doing fun things and I want to capture more of that. It works well because the boys absolutely adore exploring and I know that traffic wise some of our reviews from days out are the best I've had since I started this little corner on the internet over five years ago.

Overall I just hope 2019 is a happy and healthy year for all of us, as long as we end the year just as we've started it I know I'll be happy, even if I haven't achieved anything I set out to do. What are you looking to gain from the new year?

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