My eldest has just turned five and I'm finding the older they get the smaller the presents come yet the price tag increases somewhat, so I've tried to create a guide that's not going to break the bank and will appeal to both boys and girls. I'm focusing on the age range from three to six and hopefully there is something for everyone.

An easel is a fantastic gift for this age group, it's usually the age when they're actually starting to form recognisable pictures and take pride in their art so I adore this easel from Vertbaudet, it doubles up as a blackboard and has a handy little shelf for you to store all the chalk too so it doesn't go missing or worse - get trodden on. I know Noah will be so excited to see this and it's very easy to put together so wont be something you're losing hours to on Christmas morning. The board is also magnetic so it's a whole three in one product and has three different height settings so it can really grow with your child. (£57 - Vertbaudet)*

A sweet shop, I remember this toy being around when I was little though no matter how many times I circled it in the Argos catalogue I never owned it. It was actually the only toy Noah really asked for this Christmas, though he was consistent in his need for it and began asking us in July. Thankfully Aunty Lu bought it for his birthday and he's really not put it down since, by far his favourite present and so we're going to grab a second one for Nannas house. It includes all the sweets so you don't need to worry about buying some to go with it, you're ready to go in a moment once it's opened. (£8 - Amazon)

The Crazy Blender game by Little Tikes is a more exciting version of most matching games, it still has the learning elements there in which your little one has to match the cards, but you pop them into the blender and hope that it doesn't spit them back out. Once your cards are all gone, you've won. I can tell you now this is going to be a big hit for my boys, it's one that all ages can play and because of the blender element to it, those a bit older wont get bored of simply matching up colours and fruits. Little Tikes is often associated with outdoor toys but they really have a fantastic range of stuff so worth taking a good look at. (£19 - Amazon)*

Roller skates are SO nostalgic to me, I remember owning my first barbie pair and really thinking I was the bee's knees, in reality I probably resembled Bambi on ice. Noah isn't the most co-ordinated so I'm not entirely sure how he'll get on, but skates are a great gift at this time of year. They can whizz out on the drive way and get practising and it's a fab way to get them to let off some steam after all the present opening excitement. Scooters and bikes are always popular at Christmas but when your son or daughter has them already I think Skates are a great go-to. I myself cannot wait to see him having a go in these. (Skates - £39.99)

I know this is Lego blasphemy, but Wilkos do a fantastic range of imitation Lego and it works just as well with the real thing. Lego is expensive and their Blox version is a great alternative, I love this giant set of figures, I think most school age children own some form of Lego and the figures just work so well, you can never have too many. The sets include monsters, pirates, army men, the lot - there really is something for everyone and I know Noah will go crazy for this. (Wilkos - £12)

The Incredibles 2 was such a long awaited film for us all, not least me and John. We didn't manage to see it in cinemas so when it came out we all sat down and watched it on a rainy Sunday under blankets - and it's pretty much been on repeat ever since. It's a great film and I think really relates to everyone, my boys are obsessed with it and so the Hydroliner and Elasticycle are going to be huge hits in this house. The Hydroliner even comes with it's own Elastigirl and watercraft along with two missiles too. (Argos - £30)* The Elasticycle comes with it's own ramp and starter, just attach the cycle and watch it go, I can tell there will be squabbles over this in our household. (Argos - £20)*

Playmobil is a fantastic gift for this age group, it's fairly simple to put together and Noah is just at the age now where he needs very little support in doing them himself. They make really sturdy toys and don't break apart again easily so we're huge fans. The Police Van is great, it comes with lights and sirens which is always going to be a winner, and it was a complete bargain on Amazon at just £14. *

(Items marked with a * where gifted for feature, however all opinions are my own)

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