I've always found toddlers amongst some of the easiest to buy for, they have usually discovered their favourite television character by this point and so that's always a sure fire way to go. Toddlers are usually sectioned off on most websites for gifts, and even if you aim a bit older or younger - you're still probably going to get it right. Let's face it, they are easily pleased. My very own toddler is two and a half, and whilst the term 'toddler' doesn't seem so fitting when he can give Usain Bolt a run for his money (especially when you've got your hands full and he makes a dash for it in Asda - thanks Pip) he is most definitely fitting in the toddler category and I just know he'd love all of these gifts.

A doll or baby is a great gift for toddlers, I know some people will turn their noses up at a boy having a baby but I think when you're expecting men to grow up to be great Dads it seems a bit contradictory to not want your son to own a doll based on prehistoric gender stereotypes. Noah always had a baby dolly and a pram and he loved it, Patrick will be the same and find his little blue baby wrapped under the tree from Santa on the 25th. There's also lots of great add ons to go with babies, pushchairs, pottys, clothes etc. The list is endless. (£14 - Vertbaudet)*

Another amazing gift from Verbaudet is this creativity case. Noah received this for his birthday and the reason I'm putting it in the guide for toddlers is because it's incredibly versatile - for such a bargain price there is SO much to do with it. There's a peg board with a super generous amount of pegs along with a magnetic board and matching magnetic letters - that isn't all however as the magnetic board also doubles as a white board complete with pen and eraser. If you're not as fast on the uptake like me, don't forget to lift the bottom tray up and find a paper tray full of paper so your little one can clip it on and draw away. The case all locks away and comes with a handle too so it's perfect for on the go. As soon as I showed this on Instagram, Nanna was already messaging me asking me to bring it to her house. (£24 - Vertbaudet)*

Leapfrog is pretty iconic when it comes to childrens' toys isn't it. I remember my little brother having a LeapStart as a child and me who was eight years older even liking it. Patrick is really curious about learning at the moment, he enjoys counting and figuring out shapes and colours so I thought rather than turning to the Ipad for games and digital learning we'd opt down the route of a LeapStart, there is so much you can do with them now and I managed to grab ours for a bargain deal on Amazon black Friday sale. (£35 - Argos)

Bath toys are a pretty safe bet with toddlers, especially if you're buying for someone elses' little one I can assure you it'll be appreciated. I always find toys for the bath a bit samey and generic but this Foam Cone Factory by Tomy is genius. Another one that's under our tree and not just because I can't wait to play with it myself, Patrick will love it and I know it will be used for a long time it's not going to be one of those toys come February is neglected. You just drop bubble bath into the top and away you go, it's currently reduced on Amazon so it's very purse friendly. (£16 - Amazon)

I have never known toys as durable as Melissa and Doug, we've owned these Food Groups since Noah turned one and now just over four years later they still look brand new and as good as the day we bought them so I just had to include them in this guide. They're very life like and realistic and make the perfect prop to any toy kitchen, the amount you get in the sets is also incredibly generous compared to other wooden food sets. I really couldn't recommend any other brand than Melissa and Doug for this as we just love them so much. (£15 - Amazon)

Orchard toys are the go to when it comes to puzzles and games in our house, they nail every age group from toddlers right up until school age children. It's becoming harder and harder to find sets that we don't yet own. This heads and tails game is great for toddlers, it's simple, compact and really affordable - you could probably even wedge it into a stocking if you wanted to. We've used Orchard Toys everywhere and anywhere over the years, on planes, on holiday, at restaurants, at home - you name it, we've done it, they're amazing for travel given how lightweight they are. (Amazon - £7)

I feel as though Fuzzy Felts are a game that everyone forgets about, I adore them because it's like a mess free and easy crafty activity. There's nothing worse than your kid wanting to craft after you've just cleaned the entire house, or when you're trying to cook dinner. Something like fuzzy felts is SO easy to set up and you know they can't get up to mischief whilst they're doing it. I used them a lot in my years working in nurseries and we already have quite a large collection at home but this Space set is going to be a real winner for the boys as it's all about aliens and rockets. (£12 - Hobbycraft)*

(Items marked with a * I was gifted in exchange for a feature however all opinions are my own)

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