So, the time has come. You want to renovate the most difficult-to-renovate room in your home: the kitchen. Kitchen renovation is never simple task, but it is all the more challenging when you are a parent with young kids at home. I remember when we gave ours a 'make over' if you will, the other alternative was ripping it out and starting new which to be honest, terrified me. We painted all the walls, though me and John did have to debate as he fancied something a bit more like a custom forest wallpaper, but for me I just wanted chic and simple. We used a full day and evening to get hard at it because having an out of action kitchen, was just not a possibility I wanted to face. As a parent, you rely on the kitchen more than most. You need to be able to access the food your kids eat; the washing machine so you can deal with the numerous laundry loads children tend to generate; and you’ll also likely treat the kitchen as the central hub where the entire family can congregate. As a result, the idea of your kitchen being out of commission during the renovation process is a concerning one— but here’s what you need to know to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

01 - Involve your kids in the renovation (if they want to be) 
If your kids are happy to engage with the idea of a kitchen redesign, then including them in the decision-making process can be a nice activity that also makes them feel that their opinion matters. So if your kids are happy to do so, let them be involved in the decision regarding the colour scheme for the new kitchen, the selection of the new fittings from Tap Warehouse, and various other tasks that can help to ensure they feel included in the process. Of course, there’s no guarantee your kids will want to be involved in these decisions— and that’s fine too. It’s just beneficial to be able to give them the option, rather than having them see the kitchen renovation as something that is just happening to their home, rather than something that they are actively a part of. I remember growing up, my Mum always had a penchant for new build houses, we moved quite frequently and I would always go with her when they were selecting the kitchen worktop designs, or the fittings and fixtures. Even though I wasn't having a direct input, it was fun to be around.

02 - Source your cooking alternatives 
No matter how quickly you, or your kitchen fitters, work, it is inevitable that a kitchen renovation is going to lead to at least a few days without access to your usual cooking equipment. This is inconvenient if it’s just adults living in the home, but can be a nightmare when you’re trying to care for your kids as well. The most obvious solution to bridge the gap on days when the kitchen is out of action is takeaway food, but that’s not the healthiest decision imaginable. To add some variety — and extra nutrition! — it’s worth either sourcing healthy restaurants you can eat at, or moving your microwave into another room in the house for the duration of the renovation. You can cook an entire healthy and nutritious meal in a microwave if you know how, and while it might not be the gourmet you prefer, it’s definitely preferable to a non-stop diet of takeaway food during the renovation! Here are a few microwave-friendly recipes that you might want to start with; they taste great and are incredibly easy to put together! My best friend actually scheduled her kitchen renovations for the hottest week of the year last year, it meant they could eat on the barbecue every evening and it felt like a treat rather than a chore.

03 - You’re definitely going to need kid-free time during the renovation 
Inevitably, there will be periods during a kitchen renovation when your home will not be particularly welcoming to your kids. The use of power tools can be rough for young ears to have to listen to, while the general mess, dust, and disruption can be incredibly stressful. How you can cope with these issues depends primarily on the age of your kids. If your kids are of school age, then you can try and schedule the majority of the most disruptive work to take place when they’re going to be out of the house. However, it’s rare that you will be able to entirely do the most intense of the work while your kids are out of the house as part of their usually-scheduled activities. You will need to plan a few things to ensure that they are not present during the bulk of the worst of the renovation. If you’re tempted to skip this step and assume that your kids will be able to handle the renovation, then think again. A kitchen renovation is a tough, dirty, dusty, and incredibly loud job; don’t make it more difficult by trying to juggle your kids at the same time. If possible, arrange for a few days trips or visits to see their grandparents during the bulk of the work— it will make a huge difference to the speed of your progress on the renovation itself.

To conclude
If you keep the above three factors in mind, your kitchen renovation should go as smoothly as possible, and both you and your kids will be enjoying your new kitchen in no time at all!

*This is a collaborative post.


  1. Great tips. I'd love to re-design our kitchen soon, the kitchen is the heart of the home.

  2. Rachel EvansMay 09, 2018

    Fab tips. We're just renovated our living room and that was hard enough with three little ones. I love your tip about getting the kids involved My 5 year old loved it when I asked his opinion on wallpaper x

  3. Definitely with you on needing kid free time when doing it! Even just painting our kitchen was an utter nightmare whilst trying to entertain 2 kids! Great tips! x

  4. Excellent tips on Reno! Love the pic - this kitchen is for dancing. Beautiful turnout

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