The desire to get your pre-baby figure back after having a baby is strong, it's stressed upon us by everything from family members, strangers in the street to magazines and news articles. It can be difficult to achieve. With the average weight of a newborn baby in the UK being 7.7lbs, a woman’s body during pregnancy goes through a lot. Many new mums feel the pressure to lose weight after giving birth and some consider turning to cosmetic surgery to overhaul their appearance and make themselves feel better. But, before you go under the knife, have you really considered whether it’s the best thing for you and your newborn child?

Looking great
Making changes to your body following the birth of your precious newborn is an effective way of getting rid of excess skin on your abdomen and getting your flat tummy back. The stomach area expands a lot during pregnancy and birth and some find it never fully returns to its former self naturally, therefore, surgery may be your best option. Having spent months sharing your body with your unborn baby and if you're anything like me, hiding it under baggy clothes, cosmetic surgery is a good way of enhancing your appearance and getting a little bit of the old you back. I have to admit it's quite a big step to go for, and one that would be a last resort for me. You could always venture for a diet or lifestyle change, there are so many crazes out there at the moment, and a lot of things worth looking into to help give you that spruce you're looking for. The health benefits from things like turmeric, spinach and kale - just these little things whizzed up into smoothies could make all the difference in the long run.
Finding the funds
Cosmetic surgery often costs several thousand pounds, with breast enlargement typically costing between £3,645 and £5,000 at private clinics. New mums can be on maternity leave for up to 52 weeks after giving birth, although, statutory maternity pay, which is currently £145.18 per week, ceases to be paid after 9 months; therefore, finding the funds to pay for surgery after giving birth can be difficult for some. But, those who have savings to fall back on or who are able to borrow the cash, should still consider surgery as an option if it’s what they really want and they can afford the expense.
Recovery & aftercare
Although you’ll feel fabulous once the procedure has taken place and your body has healed, there will be a period of time where you’re feeling uncomfortable and this can hinder you from caring for your child in the way that you want to. Breastfeeding may prove difficult and you’ll likely be unable to lift or carry your child for some time. Therefore, it’s important you have a great support network around you who will help out with childcare and will support your recovery in the aftermath of your surgery.
A positive impact on mental health
Knowing you’ve taken action you wanted to improve your body will increase your confidence and could make you feel great, I know when I've felt at my worse I've avoided going out so feeling good about myself would definitely put me out there a little more. I've put off attending Mother and Baby groups for fear of being judged on the way I look, which is ridiculous as it's not only affecting me then, but my baby too. I can safely say when I've took measures to improve how I look, it does improve how I feel though I know this isn't the case for everybody.
For some new mums, cosmetic surgery is the perfect solution for them, but, others may not benefit so much. When weighing up whether it's the right option for you, be sure to consider the cost and recovery period as well as the positive impact it will have on your appearance and general well being.

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