The past few months have been manic, as though life is blitzing by at some sort of double rate. Half of me doesn't want to stop to catch my breath, because I'm frightened I'll miss so much in those small moments. I think it's natural that this time of year is a little bit more hectic, please tell me that's the case for everyone? I feel like one of those ducks that's bobbing along on the surface but ferociously pedalling my feet away underneath. I know things will slow when I finish work, and I'll be completely honest in that I'm counting down the days. We're out of the house for most of the week and the time in the evening when we can all sit down and relax seems so fleeting - I just really can't wait for Christmas, when time for us to unwind will be aplenty.

This week I needed a slow paced weekend, the kids have both been poorly during November and it's meant mad dashes to and from doctors, days off work, days off nursery and anything else chaotic that life can throw at you. I just wanted a weekend that contained some form of normality, I've almost forgotten what a normal weekend was like. There will always be a part of me, until I begin working from home, that feels guilty for not having the most exciting and adventurous weekends for the boys. During the working week, they're out of the house for around twelve hours, that's a very long time and something I never really had to deal with as a child, I'm exhausted so I can't imagine how they must feel by the time Friday roles around. People seem shocked when I tell them Noah quite often falls asleep in the car, but who can blame him when he's woken at 6am to begin his day? The guilt of our hectic week, definitely puts an enormous pressure on the weekends for me, I'm torn between wanting it to be relaxed, slow paced and cosy to really getting fulfilment from those measly two days. If I've learnt anything over the past nine months working it's that you'll never be best at everything, so I've settled on a happy medium between those two variations of weekends. And this weekend, well, it was much of the cosy and calm vibe.

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