I'm quite traditional, I love the idea of Christmas at home, around our comforts and if I'm honest, it's all I've ever known. We love travel as a family, we certainly couldn't live the year without venturing out of the country, but I'd never let the idea cross my mind that maybe a Christmas getaway would be the perfect time. Winter is seriously dark and dreary, and especially on the other side of Christmas I think we all lack that little bit of Vitamin D don't we? The dark mornings and dark evenings leave a lot to be desired, so why on earth have I never thought of breaking away for some winter sun before?

On Instagram I follow people from around the world, the fomo is strong when I see people heading out to the beach in Australia, donning their ladies swimwear and slapping on the suncream. I am jealous, I wish that was me as I tuck into my bowl of hot tomato soup and blow my snotty nose into some tissues. Don't get me wrong I do love the build up to Christmas, it's exciting and my favourite time of year - it's magical, especially with little ones. But once all the festivities are over what's to stop us from jumping on a plane and jetting off into the sunshine. I'm sure the stark weather contrast would hit us like a train wreck when we returned, though I'm certain it would be worth it.

My sister and brother in law often fly away at this time of year, usually to somewhere equally as cold with New York and Chicago notching up on the Christmas getaway belts. They've always raved about it and had the best memories. New York seems a happy medium, it's cold so you still feel Christmas-sy but it's exciting, a break and a beautiful city. It's truly the top of my bucket list and somewhere I long to visit, with John already himself having visited for New Year just before we met each other, he's more in tune with wanting some sun around the winter months instead. Which brings me to our second choice for a winter break - Australia. Could you image grabbing your beach bag and heading down to Bondi beach for a barbeque on Christmas day? So many Brits do this each year and it's easy to see why, what's not to love about glorious sunshine, roaring tides and cocktails on the sand? It's everything we don't have over here.

It has to be said though, that for as long as the boys are little, we'll definitely be sticking around for Christmas at home. Perhaps a mixture of fear of the unknown and being far too comfortable with the 'norm' back here, but I just really adore Christmas in the UK. We have our own traditions, we have everything worked out and I don't think I'm completely ready to mix that up just yet. I've lusted after a getaway, and now I work from home it would be the perfect timing, but I am a home bird and Christmas at my parents is where we shall be for the foreseeable.

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