I am surrounded by Men in my family. I have two brothers, two sons, a other half, a dad, brother-in-law, you catch the drift. The ratio of men to women is pretty one sided but I'm ok with that. I seem to have finally mastered the art of buying, though the men in my family range from 1 to 50. I'm slowly but surely finding men easier to buy for, now that doesn't mean I'm saying it is easy completely, but I'd like to think I'm a little bit better at it than I was four years ago.

1. A watch - If your husband / boyfriend / fiance, is anything like mine, he'll always be running on borrowed time. John is notoriously bad for being late, it's a trait I find infuriating too as I always like to be early. A watch is a sure fired way to help, right? Etched do a beautiful bespoke wood watch that you can actually 'get etched' on the back, I should definitely grab one with 'HURRY UP' for John. *

2. Smellies - Every guy gets through smellies, I think it's a fail safe option, of which I have included a few in this guide. John is constantly using my expensive skin care and as you can imagine, that doesn't go down too well. Nivea are a lovely brand that do the job, they're sensitive range is amazing so you know that it's going to be kind to skin. *

3. Boxers - Another pretty safe option, and something that I'd probably only buy for your partner as it could be a little awkward around the Christmas tree otherwise. Novelty pairs are really popular at Christmas but I like to favour something that will actually be worn and be useful, Calvins are a staple and the best option I think. *

4. A bag - If the man in your life is a Dad, a backpack is a really good investment. John is often out with the boys himself, and lugging around my handbag changing bag, would not be an option for him. His own backpack has proved invaluable, meaning even if we're both together, he can just whip Patrick away to a changing room and we don't have to exchange bags or flit around for nappies and wipes. This Addidas design is lovely, it's simple, stylish and affordable.*

5. Shirts - A great option for the business man, you can never have to many shirts. Though it does feel like all I wash and iron in this household, is shirts. These from Dobell are really affordable, they have a large selection on 2 for £30 which I think is fantastic value, they fit well and feel really lovely on. My other half is pretty fussy when it comes to shirts, I don't blame him if he's wearing them for 40 hours a week. But Dobell appear to be a hit so we'll definitely be snapping up some more. *

6. Slippers - I spoke about UGG slippers in my womens gift guide, and I really stand by how comfortable they are. It's no different for men, though I know there might be a bit of shtick for 'Men wearing Uggs' and all that malarky. But John has owned a pair for almost six months and they are as good as new. The sturdier bottom of Uggs means they don't wear and tear half as easily as others, he's de-iced the car, took the bin out and brought the shopping in with these on his feet in all weather conditions and they're still looking amazing. *

7. Aftershave - What guy doesn't love aftershave? Though I'm more than aware some of the prices are pretty extortionate, and not purse friendly. I tend to go mid-range if I'm buying one for someone else, and play it safe with a name I've heard of, especially if I'm buying online without smelling them first.*

8. Sweets - A lot of the men in my life have seriously sweet tooth's, so this wasn't a hard choice. Food and confectionery isn't ever going to be wasted is it? I love these retro sweets hampers, they have a bit of everything and when I discovered them online it had me repeating 'Oh my goodness, remember those?' over and over, like a little hamper of nostalgia, especially if the recipient is a 90's child. These quirky hampers can also be personalised which makes them that little bit more thoughtful. *

*All products were sent for featuring in this guide.

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