Oh my biggest boy, what an absolute joy it is to be your Mummy. I can't believe you're four, we always joked that when you were born you looked like a four year old, given your weight but now to be sitting here with your fourth birthday being merely a week behind us. I can't think were the time has gone. This year has seen you grow up more than any other, you've morphed into my friend and the best one at that. You're courageous, curious and kind, I don't think I could ask for more redeeming qualities in a child. I would think I'm bias, but everyone else around us agrees and that makes me the proudest Mummy of all.

This is our last full year together, your last birthday when I don't have to wonder if you'll be in school or not for it, so I'm trying to make the most. Making the move to work from home was one that was heavily influenced by you, I intend to be much more present over the years to come. A full year of being a big brother and you've taken every single moment in your stride, of course you two bicker, what brothers don't? But you're fiercely loving and unconditionally caring. Even just on your birthday last week, every present you opened was met with a 'Oh look Patrick, look what we've got' not a waiver in your voice as you contemplated sharing everything with him. You still have your moments, you're four after all, but they are fleeting and far between.

Your third year saw you learn to write, you known your letters and can spell your name with ease. Swimming is a second nature to you, and you've already collected a billion badges and have been moved into a group that everyone else towers above you, learning they're all seven was quite a shock, but my little fish you're holding your own. Football was a new challenge this year, with Gangan ceasing the opportunity to enrol you in the local team, even if you haven't quite got the hang of it yet, you're enthralled and often just run around the pitch laughing your head off - at what, we're yet to work out. You're a busy boy and I think it's no wonder you often doze off in the car with all of these activities each week. 2018 is set to bring some big changes for you, you're starting Foundation 1 at your new School. Your settling in visits proved to me just how confident you really are, more than what I've previously given you credit for. You're independent and don't mind playing alone, but you've discovered a best friend in Thomas and the two of you are like peas in a pod. I hope over the next year your character never changes, as I feel honoured to be your Mum. But you continue to grow and b surrounded by love and laughter.


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