It's the most wonderful time of the year! It really is, and my absolute favourite. I've been so excited to get stuck into these guides as during the festive period I am always searching blogs high and low to see what things they would recommend, especially this year as I've found a lot of my family really hard to buy for. Everybody is at that age in their lives where if they want something, they buy it so it's definitely tricky. In my life there are a lot of boys and me, so as you can imagine I don't get to think much about what to buy for women, but these pieces I've definitely thought carefully over. Here's to the first gift guide of the season and I can't wait to show you what else is in store.

Slippers, what women doesn't use slippers? I own two pairs and both of them are looking a little bit worse for wear now, which makes me realise that you do need to spend that little bit more when you're going to be using something so often. These Ugg slippers are absolutely beautiful, a light dusty pink which is very on trend and so cosy. Ugg have that added bonus of having a super hard sole which if you're like me and doing a little too much in your slippers, I'm talking taking the bin out and nipping to the car - then you'll really feel the benefit.*

Skincare is always quite a safe bet, I'm not talking about anything too in-depth but this little cleanse and moisture set from Nivea is absolutely perfect. It was a similar set like this when I was in my teens that got me properly interested in taking care of my skin, so it's a fantastic starter set for any younger members of the family. It comes with a elegant pouch too, that would be a staple little overnight bag for me if I was travelling anywhere. *

More skincare, If you've got a more serious beauty lover on your hands then the Magnitone cleansing brush is a winner. I lusted after one of these for so long, they really do the business as well as look it, the rose gold colour is simply divine and anyone who found one of these under the tree would be very pleased I think. *

A bluetooth speaker or radio is a lovely unisex gift, and I feel fits the bill perfectly for that person that you just don't know what to buy for. I don't know where I would be this time of year without my Agroove speaker, it's sat on the side and blasted out a plethora of Christmas songs whilst I've slaved over a Sunday roast. Amara have a huge selection and this little beauty is a great size as it means I can just pop it into our suitcase for use by the pool when we head out to the villa. *

Perfume is another safe bet, and one that will always be appreciated without fail. It's something you can't go wrong with, especially if it's Jo Malone. There is something just that little bit more special when you unwrap the paper to discover the beautiful cream and black signature boxes. My favourite scent is Mimosa and Cardamom but doesn't seem to be one many others reach for - definitely worth a shot if you want to play it safe.

Pyjamas and coffee cups, they go hand in hand when it comes to Mums right? They certainly do in this household, and for Instagram purposes these are perfect. In a similar thought to the slippers, you know they're useful gifts as they'll get plenty of use. They're reasonable in price and are always rell received, a go to for a secret santa / friend.

The gift of time, though something that can't really be given - I mean, wouldn't we all just love an extra twenty minutes in bed in the morning? But what's the next best thing? A watch of course. When I worked a standard 9-5 day, there wasn't an hour drifting by that I didn't glance at my watch, longing to be home with my babies, if said watch had of been a beautiful Chronoexpert watch, it sure would have perked me up a little bit more. Who doesn't love Chanel too, this piece is a little more on the luxurious side but my oh my is it divine. *

Any product marked with * has been gifted for this post.

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  1. Ahhh these are all so pretty, I love your picks! I adore those mugs, they are beautiful :D I can't wait to read more from your blog! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (PS I can’t leave without inviting you to my giveaway for a big bundle of Festive Disney goodies haha :D)