I think Autumns yellow coats, are the summers inflatable flamingo trend - are you really a blogger if you haven't captured a snap of yourself in one? I don't think I can scroll through my instagram feed without a flash of yellow, usually accompanied by the breton strip inner. I'm not complaining, I love a good trend and I'm definitely a sucker for them so as a standard of course I have a yellow coat, as do both my children. I feel that I miss out a little bit on the whole twinning situation due to the fact I have two sons, Next even rub salt into the wound by ensuring Mums and Daughters can have matching pyjamas and swimwear, whilst the mothers of boys are cast a side a little. However, I've become imaginative - you have too and by taking our accessorises such as hats, shoes, coats, I've slowly but surely found a way to be 'that' mother who matches with her children. And am I ashamed? Absolutely not.

Whether they will want to hide in embarrassment in a couple of years I can't guarantee, but in the mean time whilst they're too young to complain I'll be doing all I can to make sure it's identifiable from a far distance - that we are together.  Thankfully, Lighthouse clothing kindly helped me in my mission and gifted us some beautiful coats from their collection this year. It came at the perfect time as I'd just written my bucket list and can now tick off that I have been super organised this year. As if any of this was down to me, and not a pure coincidence the two things coincided. Coats for Mums have to meet a lot of requirements, especially this side of the year, they have to be a number of things'

  • Practical. I've seen some lovely velvet coats this a/w, because velvet is very much in this season it's kind of everywhere, except you shall not be seeing it on me. It isn't practical for every day life, I need a coat that if my child smears some chocolate on, I can whip out a baby wipe from my stash and it'll be gone again in seconds, velvet would be a little bit unforgiving don't you think? And as bad as it might be to admit, I just don't have time to chuck my coat in the wash every other day so I'm sure if I invested in something incredibly impractical, I'd end up looking like a bit of a grubby mess.

  • Warm, but not too warm. I know, a little bit of a contradiction but have you felt the sweat you can work up when power walking with a pram and seven shopping bags? Even the coldest winters day can suddenly feel like a midsummer's afternoon. Some coats genuinely feel like conservatories and they just let heat in and in without losing any. My new yellow mac has managed that happy medium in which it's warm enough to keep me toasty in the colder months, but it doesn't turn into a boiler room if I'm working up a bit of a sweat.

  • Waterproof and with hood. I really don't see the market for coats without hoods, I don't intend to look like a drowned rat during the school run and if my coat doesn't have a hood, that's exactly what I'm going to resemble. Waterproof is enough said, we've all been that person walking alongside a puddle with the clever driver who can't move around and finishing a journey soaked right through to your bra because you didn't chose a waterproof coat is less that ideal.

A huge thank you again to Lighthouse clothing who kindly gifted us these beautiful coats and encouraged my twinning behaviour with the boys.

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