The Best Parts Of Parenting - My Sunday Photo

So when you read blogs, even before you have a baby, most posts are telling you the hardest bits, what not to look forward to or what to prepare yourself for. I thought I'd mix it up just a little and tell you some of the best bits about being a parent, because trust me, there are hundreds.

  1. Firstly, the toys, all the toys you loved as a child you can relive vicariously through your child. And the best bit is you're in charge of choosing them all.
  2. It allows celebrations to become big again. Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Advent. All of them become really important and over the top and I love being able to make such a huge magical time out of Christmas, you're allowed to again relive your childhood.
  3. Being silly. Being a parent lets you rediscover your inner child, you can go down the slide at the park, swing on the monkey bars and generally fool around and it's acceptable - because some mini me finds it funny.
  4. The endless love. Nothing makes my heart melt more than picking my son up from nursery, with his arms reached out and the biggest smile on his face 'Mama'. It's complete unforgiving, all consuming love and it's amazing.
  5. The friends - You'll be surprised just how friendly people are when you have a little one in tow. The checkout girl, the little old lady on the bus, the fellow parents at the park, everyone has a compliment or a coo and it's nice to be able to have mindless chat with strangers about anything. Even a worker at our local petrol station buys Noah a milky bar every time he goes in!
I'd love to hear your favourite parts about being a parent. For me it's the small moments like this, watching my son enjoy a delicious ice cream in the park, completely uncaring that it's smushed all over his face. He's just enjoying it.



  1. A beautiful post, he really does look like he's enjoying it

    Thank you for linking up

  2. I agree that people tend to open up to you and talk to you when you have your baby in tow. Lovely post. Its the little things too that makes parenting lovely for me =) #mysundayphoto