Bath Tub Fun* - Paddys Bathroom Review

For a child that is a complete water baby, we are constantly looking at new ways to jazz up his bath time. And then along came Paddy's Bathroom, a relatively new brand on the market when it comes to bathing products, they are sister brand of Ellas Kitchen though so have an extensive knowledge of the market out there.

And what products they are, all completely natural and organic so you know they are going to be kind to even the most sensitive of skin. Noah absolutely adored splashing around in their 'Bubbly Stuff', he even enjoyed giving the packet a good squish around because it's so colourful and interesting it really appealed to him. I also enjoyed the fact it was a packet rather than a bottle because it meant it could squish into our bathroom storage draws (win, win). We also thoroughly enjoyed the 'Squirty Stuff' which doubles up as hair and body wash, so a perfect 2 in 1 product. It smelt like a delicious Mango smoothie, I literally wanted to gobble Noah up whenever he snuggled into me and I could smell it lingering on his skin. The bottles are fantastically designed so that you just pull the bottom and it opens, so you don't have to faf around unscrewing tops or flipping them open with wet hands. The product also stands up well so the product all falls to the bottom and you can get it all out - avoiding wastage.

I really can't thank Paddy's Bathroom enough for making Noah's bathroom routine even more enjoyable and fruity that we could of imaged and we will definitely be purchasing them every time from now on. Just look at that face!


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