Potty Training Diaries

The last few weeks have contained so much excitement, frustration and all kinds of other emotions, because we've finally took the plunge and headed on to the potty training bandwagon. We first tried Noah roaming free in the house with no pants or nappy on before we went away in summer, and he was getting on well. So now we're back we've hit it full force with my mum training him whilst she has him, my nan doing the same and when he's at home he is without a nappy also. And he is doing magnificent, I feel a little silly for apprehending it so much, mopping up a bit of wee really isn't much to be concerned about.

Noah is now very confident at telling us when he needs to go 'Mama quick, poo poo, potty', he's not shy of his achievements either with big 'Yaaaay.. choc choc' (Yes this was our initial bribe) He even now gets his dollies and puts them on the potty to let them do wee's too, as well as eating their treat for them when they do one - such a caring boy ha! The only hurdle we are struggling with is at nursery, which Noah attends for 2 days a week. He seems really reluctant to do anything there, I'm unsure if he feels uncomfortable being sat down so low with people stood up, or if he just doesn't want to do it there. But next week is going to be the big one - he's going into underpants full time and we're prepared for however interesting that gets.

I know we will have wet car seats, puddles in the supermarket & endless supplies of spare clothes. But it's all part and parcel, I really want Noah out of nappies before his second birthday for two reasons, firstly - he's more than ready, he communicates his need and can take himself so by keeping him in nappies I'm only hindering his development and secondly - nappies are a big expense, I really don't want to be having that cost when we don't need to any longer.

I wouldn't want to post the disturbing images we send around the family of Noahs latest deposits in the potty, so here have this. 

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