Ellas Kitchen Snacks Review*

Ella's Kitchen are a pretty huge brand now in the UK, and rightly so, they provide a variety of products from snacks, to cereal and even recipe books so you yourself can cook your meals with just as much care and attention as they do. I've always been a huge fan, so when the opportunity came up to work with them to review some snacks, I couldn't wait. Noah is coming up to 2, so at that age where he wants his hands on whatever snacks me and his daddy have, however as we usually eat junk I wanted to feel safe he was having as much goodness as possible - along came Ella's Kitchen.

Noah couldn't wait to try these wonderful 'Raspberry and Peaches crunchy rings'. He ate half a bag flat and still wanted more, and the best bit about it all, there was absolutely no junk or additives involved in making them,
as well as being 100% organic. What more could we want? Noah also managed to get his little paws on their oat and raisin cookies, which we use as a little before bedtime snack along with his cup of milk. We both win because he feels he's getting a little sneaky treat, and yet I am safe in the knowledge he is getting all the nutrients he needs and they're not cram packed full of sugar.

Have you ever tried any of Ella's Kitchens snacks or food, what did you think of them?

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