Does My Baby Have Asthma?

This is a question that has hung over our head for a year now. It's not even something I doubt anymore - but more that I know the answer - yes my son has Asthma. It seems nothing short of ridiculous that because Noah doesn't tick a certain age box on a doctors check list, he can't be diagnosed with Asthma because twice I have been told 'He does have Asthma he's just too young to be diagnosed'.

It started well over a year ago, when Noah had 'Bronchitis' and from then on never recovered from the said viral infection. It took months of twoing and frowing from the Doctors, a couple of A&E visits and me actually recording his breathing difficulties during his sleep, before we were finally given some inhalers to help him at least sleep at night without choking on his cough. It had faded off over the summer months but now the frost has set in, so has the rattle in his chest and I just dread the months that lay ahead. I'm hoping that now we are equipped with the inhalers he needs, it wont be as harrowing as last year was, that teamed with the fact he is a whole year older should make it a lot easier to get through winter.

I've heard so many stories of children's Asthma just fading away, so I'd love to know if you have experienced this? Or if your child has Asthma, what you find works best for them during winter?

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