In a word, no. I get asked about having a third baby probably more than I get asked how my day has been, I'm pretty sure every single parent gets these questions, even those who are yet to have kids wont be immune to the 'when are you going to have...' quizzes. Boy does it drive me crazy. While I'm pretty used to it, and have canned responses, it doesn't really get any less invasive and as someone who really wouldn't ask those questions herself, I find it really odd to be constantly questioned on if I'm going to expand my brood. Somehow I feel as though if I had one of each gender, this wouldn't arise so much but regardless of my current family make up, I and more importantly we, are very confident in the decision we don't want another baby.

Watch in a years time when this all goes balls to the wall and I'm going a baby announcement, but rest assured this post will probably be swiftly deleted. I know feelings can change and it's probably quiet a bold statement to put it out there so confidently that we really are done having babies, but I  just feel so incredibly different to how I felt after having Noah and even immediately having Patrick. Within a year of having Noah I knew we'd have another baby, even if I didn't know when, I just knew that I didn't want him to be an only child, I was broody, I could imagine myself pregnant again and raising another human. This time, no. I'm glad those days are behind me and whilst I think it would be amazing to have one giant family and grow up raising lots of grandchildren, I really know that deep down a little quad set up is where it's at for us. I've been at a stage for a long time now where I can't imagine raising another newborn, I can't look at Patrick and see him as an older brother. I just know that it isn't on the cards for us.

Don't get me wrong, I look at babies and I get all the gooey feelings we all do as parents, but nothing pleases more than handing them back and knowing I can go home and sleep the night. Maybe it's because Patrick was a much harder baby to raise than Noah? Or is that juggling two children is just a lot more challenging than handling one, so the thought of three feels massively overwhelming? People love to tell you that you're wrong though, I think certainty freaks society out so when me and John both respond with a resounding no to the possibility of a third, it's meant with scepticism, 'What about a little girl?' 'One more wouldn't hurt?' (newsflash, birthing always hurts) 'You might change your mind'. All valid points, but none that we haven't considered ourselves and still come to the conclusion we have anyway. A girl would be fantastic, as would another boy, but we really are so very content with the two that we have, and I know that the grass for us wouldn't be greener with a third.

We are young and the future may change, there's an eight year age gap between me and my little brother and I'm sure when my Mum had me, her third child, she never imagined going on to have a fourth, yet here we are. So while I will never say never, I can say a firm not for now, or the foreseeable. I know that adding to your brood doesn't detract from the love you already have for your other children, it's something I always wondered before I had Patrick, so I'm pretty safe in the knowledge that it's not a case of not wanting to spread your love too thin, as that isn't what happens. But I am much happier concentrating on raising the boys we have.

Keep your eyes peeled though, if this post ever goes MIA, you know something went awry.


  1. It's bad that people think it's okay to ask 'when the next one is coming'! x

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