If you caught my post a few weeks ago, I spoke about how Noahs room really needed a refresh and update. He hasn't had anything more than a few new trinkets and a new bed added, since he moved into the room when he was two and a half, it was all very much dated and toddler-esqe. But my big boy is exactly that, a big boy (contradictory I know given the title of this post, but he'll always be a little boy in my heart) and he needed a switch up to reflect that in his own little space in our house. When it came to having a little revamp, I knew a few brands that were going to be a must to make his room that extra bit special, and of course, first to my mind was Desenio, a brand we've worked with on numerous occasions before and who can really brighten up any room in your home.

Desenio for me are really a company that turn a house into a home, those small touches in prints honestly make such a huge difference. I really don't like to go all out in my boys rooms and throw ourselves into decorating it completely crazy, so you're never going to find Peppa Pig wallpaper or anything super graphic. Children are fickle and change their mind way too easily, what my boys love one day they might not want to associate with the next. So it's important for us to have bedrooms that while there is a good base there that will last them a while, in terms of paint decor and furniture, all the little extras can be changed to suit. For me that's when Desenio is perfect. We've used them over the years throughout our whole home and I don't think there is a room our house that doesn't have a Desenio print in it, they're just staples in this household.

Noahs' room was going to be no exception, and so I took my time browsing their site to match the different ideas I had in my head. I wanted a colourful and bold design for him, no specific theme but just a little sprinkle of everything he loves in there. Of course, I can't shop at Desenio without hitting the inspirational quotes, they're my favourite and every time I find myself browsing their pages, there is a whole host of new prints to pick from. I really couldn't pick a favourite out of the selection I chose for Noahs room, as they're all so beautiful, but the Dreaming of Space poster definitely caught my eye first, as they're learning about the solar system at school right now, and we visited the space museum earlier this year I just felt like it would be the perfect fit. Again to fit with that theme I couldn't avoid picking up the Solar System poster itself, it's so bright and colourful and really nothing like any other similar prints I have seen, so I knew that both of these together, with their stark contrast, would look amazing on the walls.

I decided to add a few extra little touches with prints in different ways to how I have in other rooms in the house, for the first time using a poster hanger with the Kids Just Wanna Have Fun print, it works so well and really changes up the room from having prints after prints just framed across the wall. It really isn't just the prints and posters themselves that I love from Desenio, but their frames are second to none, so incredibly sturdy and last well, even when we've had a couple of falls they've survived without a scratch so I'd highly recommend them even on their own. Of course though, their prints really are that bit better quality than many others I've found online. They've never faded with sun damage nor do they come in poor packaging, everything is wrapped up so neatly that you can be rest assured your prints will arrive in one piece, ready to go on your walls.

Their prints are so affordable, and we even picked up a couple, the number five and the holy macaroni print for under five pound. I honestly don't know anywhere that you can find such high quality prints at such reasonable prices. If you want to shop there too, whether you fancy redecorating or just simply adding a few homely touches to your existing rooms, I've got my own discount code that will get you 25% off. My code 'BABIES25' gives 25% off all prints* on Desenio until midnight 17th October. Follow @Desenio for more imspiration. (*Except for frames and handpicked/personalised prints)

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