Why You Should Invest in Designer Clothes for Your Children

Despite not talking about it too often on the blog, I have a great appreciation for fashion and beauty. While I’ve talked about it for myself on a few occasions, I’ve also cultivated a love for designer clothes for children. Some may believe that spending wads of cash on clothes your kids will quickly outgrow is crazy, but I think there are so many wonderful childrens’ clothes designers out there and so many designs to consider. But, of course, purchasing from a designer brand also means spending a little more money. So why do I still think it’s worth it?

Supporting the Local Economy
Purchasing and investing in local products is trending right now, especially when it comes to food. But what does that really mean? Basically, buying locally means that you are getting a product that is created and manufactured within your own country. It could also be the act of buying items in a neighbourhood store or from an online business that is based in your area. In short, purchasing local means prioritising what is made and sold near you, rather than supporting larger multinationals that don’t always adopt the most ethical business practices.

Why It Matters
Let’s be honest; buying locally can be more expensive, and that can make it hard to justify a higher cost, especially when it comes to designer clothes for children. But local fashion is carefully thought out, drawn, designed and sold without crossing a single border. To provide high-quality products, as well as develop an ethical reputation, local fashion labels will pick only the best in terms of fabrics, dyes and the overall manufacturing process. Paying a little more for something that’s durable and will last longer? Yes! This positive environmental impact is just one of the many perks of buying local. Worried your child will outgrow their good-as-new designer clothes? Pass them on, save them for your younger child or sell them. It’s called circular economy, and it’s one of the best things you can do for our planet.

Where to Start
With everything so readily available online, buying local may seem like an effort that’s going to take extra time and cost you more money. But that’s not necessarily the case! If you’re an online shopper like myself, it’s good to know that most local fashion labels for kids already sell online. Not only that, but they also offer everything necessary to make your shopping experience as easy and pleasant as possible — including sizing charts, an easy return policy, free shipping and attentive customer support (which is often provided by a real person, rather than a bot — what a treat in this day and age!) Live in or near a large city? Attending fairs and markets (such as Etsy markets) can be a great way to discover local fashion brands and even meet the designers. How amazing would it be to talk with the person who designed the clothes your children will be wearing and loving? It’s a great antidote to the mass-produced, off-the-rack and anonymous throw-away fashion!

Buy Less, Buy Better
If you want to stay on track with buying local and step away from the mass-purchasing imposed by large corporations, you might first have to take an honest look at any bad habits you might have. The first rule is to buy less and buy smarter. Remembering that locally made products are more durable and of better quality than cheaper alternatives will take the sting out of spending more. In return, they will last so much longer and represent an actual investment, rather than a throw-away purchase. The capsule wardrobe system works well to maximise the cost you get out of a piece of clothing every time your child wears it. Designer clothes are made to fit to perfection and will become your child’s favourite. And aren’t we all too familiar with how often our little ones just love wearing the same thing day in, day out?

By investing in fashion items you’ve fallen head over heels for, you’ll be held more accountable to take the utmost care of them. Getting out of the “fast fashion” frame of mind not only means you’ll take better care of your purchases for your children, but, in the long run, you’ll also be kinder on your wallet and the environment. Of course, kids will be kids and sometimes accidents do happen. Owning designer clothes may well get you into the somewhat lost art of mending — a very zen habit, if I say so myself.

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