Another typical blog post for the start of the year but it seems like the best way is to get them all over with in one week, plus I don't really want to be reflecting on the last year when we're already a solid month into this one. Last year was pretty incredible, it had highs and lows but overall it was probably one of my happiest to date, it would have felt as though I was doing myself a disservice by not reflecting on some of the most important aspects. The years don't always feel like they fly by but when I think that 2010 was almost a decade ago, I realise just how fleeting time is and the memories that seem set in stone now, will soon be forgotten so now is my time to document them.

The biggest change to our lives last year was my little boy starting school, I remember when he was born thinking that his school year would be 2018 and it seemed so far away. Yet here we are, it's been and gone and he's now embarking on his second full term. School has done Noah the world of good, he enjoys it and it truly has been a great experience, he loves attending and even since boxing day he's been asking if it's time to go back - he really can't get enough of it. His reading and writing have come on ten fold, making me so proud of the little boy he's becoming. I need not have worried one tiny bit about school as the whole 'beginning education' transition has been completely flawless.

Last year also saw me gain one of my biggest achievements through blogging, I was selected to be a Mark Warner ambassador, a role I eyed for two years before finally getting it myself. To me that was always my pie in the sky and dream job so to speak when it comes to my little digital diary, I didn't think that three months into the year I'd have achieved it. I can't thank the team at MW enough, they're such lovely people and visiting Phokaia really made our year, we saw holidays through a whole new set of eyes and realised that even with two smalls in tow - you can have a truly amazing time at Mark Warner resorts.

The year seemed to have both the longest winter and summer in existence, in fact I don't really recall spring at all. We still had foot deep snow in April and by the end of May we were in the height of summer temperatures, I can't complain as I was so ready for the sunshine after all that snow. The bad weather forced us outside though and whilst the sludge on the ground wasn't fun, it taught me that I always need a pair of wellies and that it doesn't really matter about where you go or what you do - being outside is always a winner for my boys.

The warmer months flew in and lasted as long as the colder ones, we loved picnics in the park, heading off to our favourite place on earth Sundown Adventureland and traipsing round gorges on what happened to be the hottest day of the year (smart move I know). We got through more bottles of suncream than I care to imagine and I felt as though I'd forever be dressing the boys in shorts and t-shirts, but September rolled in and so did the cold snap as autumn really took over.

The boys jetted off to Spain with my parents, so me and John got our first taste of 'freedom' without them and we did what all responsible parents would do with that time, we slept, a lot. It was perfect, John was actually still in work for most of it but we managed to spend quality time together and just relax without school runs, bath times or midnight wake ups to worry about - bliss. They returned home in a flurry though and pumpkin picking was top of our list before the big run up to Christmas.

Overall 2018 was pretty darn fantastic, a few niggling car repairs, a mum with a broken foot and bickering boys didn't help the year run entirely smoothly but that's life isn't it? I'm looking forward to the year ahead and given I'll be welcoming my first niece or nephew in a few short months I cannot wait for what's to come.

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