I love creating Easter baskets for the boys, we've done is since Noah was old enough to understand and even though Patrick probably isn't fully yet - it would be highly unfair to miss him out. As soon as valentines had been and gone, stores started stocking up with bunnies, chicks and quite frankly more chocolate than you could ever wish for. It was at this point I started stocking up on little bits and pieces to fill the boys Easter basket. I try to style them similar to our Christmas Eve boxes, but it's a little less ott. I know Easter baskets aren't for everyone 'What's wrong with just a chocolate egg', but our boys get so much chocolate off so many different people, it seems a bit more sensible to opt for something a little different. Plus, Noah really enjoyed his basket last year, he still recalls the exact moment he found it and what we were doing that day, given this is a child that at school pick up can't remember what he did five minutes ago in class - I think that says a lot.

The whole basket totals less than £15, which for two children I think is quite a bargain. I have come across people selling pre-made baskets, just like at Christmas, but I find making our own much more cost effective and I'd by lying if I said I didn't enjoy putting them together. Ours isn't 100% complete, I'm still waiting to add a lush bath bomb that is yet to arrive, and decorate it with some yellow straw - but then we're all done. I was eager to get this post up as any closer to Easter is a bit of a pointless exercise. On the left of our basket you can see Noahs things, and then on the right there are some pieces for Patrick too. We build up the excitement of the Easter bunny's arrival and usually head out for the morning, upon our return the boys notice the mysterious bunny footprints (shake and vac is a winner) before following them to the basket, it's really magical and as I say, Noah remembered the whole moment from last year.

For Noah side of the basket I grabbed a little Easter egg from Tesco, they were on offer at 75p each, a small bargain and the perfect size for my boys. It'll take them a while to get through this and anything bigger would just be gluttonous. At the back I've grabbed a Guess How Much I Love You colouring book, it's actually one we received in a pr package last year that I'd stashed away, it's perfect for Noah as the colouring is a little more intricate, it comes with hundreds of stickers too which I know will keep him busy for a while. Just a couple of weeks ago I saw the biscuit lolly pops and I'm certain they'll be a big hit, they had a variety of shapes and animals but I chose a chick for Noah, I think it's wrapped really nicely with the bow too. And lastly are some glow sticks, what four year old doesn't love glow sticks, we use them for so much including bath play, he'll be thoroughly pleased when he sees the Easter Bunny bought him some.

Patricks side doesn't vary too much, but I chose a Smarties Easter egg for him. I know people might shudder at the size of smarties, but he's had them before and he'd definitely big enough for them. Patrick has never really had loads of chocolate due to his previous CMPA, but now he's clear of it, it'll be a nice treat for him. In replace of Noahs glow stick, Patrick has some bubbles, with a little chick on the top they fit perfectly into the basket. Another really great home bargains buy as I believe they were less than £1. He too has a colouring book, from Morrisons and only £2, it has much bigger pictures meaning it's perfect for his age and he'll be able to recognise a lot of the animals too. Patricks biscuit lollipop is a bunny, he loves pointing out Rabbits so it felt like fate when I noticed one Rabbit lolly left, right at the very back.

I've included some obligatory bunny ears, which would be a travesty not to take insta snaps of the boys in, wouldn't it? I also sneaked in a little paw patrol surprise egg for Noah, he lives for surprise eggs, as do most preschoolers these days, so it'll be a big hit. I'm feeling quite pleased I managed to finish the basket off a good couple of weeks before Easter, and if you haven't grabbed what you'll be needing I'd advise heading out as I remember last year a lot running out of stock the closer it got to Easter. Do you make an Easter basket or hamper for your little ones, or do you prefer the traditional Easter Egg option?


  1. This is so cute and such a nice idea x

  2. A lovely idea! We do non-chocolate gift from us and leave the chocolate eggs from other family members!

  3. Oh I love the idea of an Easter Basket. I really need to get my bum in gear if I am going to create one for my daughter this year though! I can't believe how fast March is whizzing by

  4. What a fab idea! My two little ones would love this! X

  5. Oh this is lovely. We do an egg hunt with plastic eggs filled with goodies (usually non chocolate!) Which always goes down a treat here!!