I love Autumn / Winter for boys clothing, it's the season that it really shines as if I'm honest a lot of the other seasons are a little bit bleh. I've been waiting for the plaid shirts and cable knit jumpers to hit the stores for what feels like months and thank goodness it's here because I need to see my boys in them. Colder weather (I'll refrain from saying Winter) has hit us a bit early this year, well, sort of. Come morning, when I'm deciding what to dress my sons in for the day, it's cold, wet and miserable, barely reaching 6 degrees yet by lunchtime it's almost a job for sun cream and sunhats. It plays havoc with my emotions because I just want to feel autumnal now.

So thanks to the colder weather slowly but surely the short sleeves have needed to be replaced by long and the jackets by coats, which meant - a shopping splurge. And by splurge I mean sussing out as many bargains as I possibly can in my favourite shops, if it's over a tenner for an item it isn't happening unless it's seriously lovely or long lasting. I'm quite tight but I think that's wise given Patrick only usually in clothes for around 3-6 months before he ups a size. Though, that being said he does feel as though he has been wearing 9-12 clothing for months on end, I'm dying to get him in the 12-18 month bits. I think that's natural as they learn to walk they lose some of that baby chub don't they? And given Patricks dietary troubles, he definitely lost a little bit of weight. Speaking of Patrick, this haul is aimed at him, I've purchased pieces for Noah too which I'm going to save for another post as it makes life a whole lot easier.

I'm a sucker for leggings on boys, I very rarely put jeans on Patrick himself as I just think how uncomfortable they must be when he's trying to manoeuvre around, especially on nursery days when he'll have a nap and a couple of meals. He can't tell me yet if it's not comfy so we steer clear for the majority of the time and opt for leggings instead. Chubby baby rolls in them just look adorable so as usual, I picked up an array of them from Zara's selection this autumn. Following that I browsed Next and found this gorgeous bear set, they advertise as joggers but they're a very skinny fit so still look quite smart. Aren't the colours just so autumnal?

What's autumn without chunky knits and chelsea boots? It's basically what I live in during the colder months and therefore, the boys shall too. Noah's already well wearing his, but Patricks are a little on the big side yet. I'm umming and ahhing over purchasing the forest green pair too, but so far the navy set will match almost everything he owns. The cream knitted jumper had to go into my basket, though I'll probably avoid it for nursery and general wear and tear - because let's face it, it's cream and it will wear and tear very easily, it'll look beautiful with a collared tee underneath along with his beautiful boots.

That's everything for Patricks little autumn haul, of course though as standard I've already added another thirty things to my shopping baskets online forever hovering over the purchase button. I love watching these videos on Youtube and spying them on blogs so I'll try my hardest to capture them on here more often. Have you spied any beautiful autumn wear online? Where are your go-to shops?


  1. Love all of those Zara leggings. You have made me want to do a huge Zara kiss splurge now!! I love Autumnal clothes too. Autumn is my favourite season x

  2. Love it all. Makes me wish mine were little again x

  3. Adore all of those leggings and the little boots. The mustard leggings are my fave, how cute. I can't wait to get Oscars winter wardrobe now!

  4. Oh my goodness how cute are these boots, sometime I wish girls clothes were this adorable!

  5. Absolutely love Zara leggings . I get them for all the girls ! And the boots are so cute! X