Very late to the party on this one, but I absolutely love reading these blog posts and watching these youtube videos. I don't even know why, we don't plan to have anymore children but I still enjoy hearing peoples suggestions for baby names. I think baby names give you a little bit of insight into peoples lives, do they like the most obscure and uncommon names? Are they more down the traditional route? Are they modern and stylish?

Working in childcare however I find it harder and harder each year to think of names that I don't already associate with someone else. Having looked after so many children in the almost five years I've been a nursery nurse, it really is difficult not to instantly think of someone you've known when you hear a familiar name and though there always good memories, when being pregnant I've always wanted to just have a name and only think of my child as that. It's always a bit strange when you meet someone with the same name as one of your children isn't it? Plus, my name is Emily, so as you can imagine I was one of about fifty in my school as I don't think it ever strays too far from the top 20 names - well done for that one mother. Now as I'm a 'boy mama', I'm sticking with that for the names I'm sharing today as I'm quite confident if we ever did decide to expand the brood it would be another boy. It's not hard to see where I fit in the naming genre - if you could imagine your Grandad called this, then it's probably on my list.

1. First up is Wilfred. I really, really um and ahh constantly about this one, half wishing I had chosen it for Patrick. I love Wilf and undoubtedly as he went to school this is what it would be shortened too. However I wont give away the boys last names, but it really wouldn't go because there is a huge singer will a name incredibly similar and as soon as a friend mentioned that too me, it was struck off our list forever.

2. Next up is Rupert. John detested this one but it was most definitely in my top three and still would be now if an accident ever happened. At the time of being pregnant with Patrick we didn't know any Ruperts but now I know two so sadly it probably wouldn't get used for the above reasons. Even though John didn't like it, when he pushes a baby out of his vagina, he'll get a final say!

3. Percy. Yes, yes I know Percy Pig. My Dad's expressed words where 'You can't call him that he'll get bullied'. Which is a sad but probably true thought, kids are cruel man. I love the name and I could really imagine a baby Percy and even Percy being someones dad one day, but heading into a job interview saying 'I'm Percy' just seems strange to me. My mum was all for me with this one, but sadly nobody else was.

4. Ralph. Similarly to Rupert, John wasn't keen, he thought of The Simpsons and it was game over for him, I loved that it couldn't be shortened as most of the names I love, I really don't like the short versions such as Patrick / Paddy. Now I know someone with a baby Ralph too, it would seem so strange to have my own therefore we'll never be using this name.

5. Ned, ahhhh Noah and Ned but another Simpsons reference. I promise I didn't sit down with a pen and paper and an episode on, writing down names. It went with Noah so well but I feared people would then expect us to have a brood of children all starting with the letter N. Which, if you're other half is boy maker like mine, you're going to run out of ideas pretty darn fast.

6. Zachary. I adored this name and always have, I've never ever looked after a baby Zachary which ticks the box on the name approval list. BUT, I'm not overly happy with 'Zac' which is what most people would probably call him from the age of five onwards. I also didn't want to be one of those parents that corrects everybody when the use a shorter version, so Zachary was out.

7. Henry. A very popular name now and I'm sure it will continue to be so, I loved Henry because it's a name that will last a lifetime, suiting someone at all ages. I know so many Henrys however and now looking at Patrick he really wouldn't have suited it.

8. Arthur was top on our list for a long time with Noah but John spoiled it for us. Being a cockney John had a habit of saying 'Arfur' which really grated on me, don't get me wrong he doesn't have a speech impediment but it would take some thinking for him to actually say it properly. I didn't want to live with that irritation all my life so unfortunately we don't have a baby Arthur.

I think it's quite obvious I'm more of a traditional names kind of girl, I love names that will last forever and I think the older the name, the cuter it appears on a baby. I did write a similar post last year, including some of my girl favourites. But if you'd like to see the girls names we love but wont be using, then do let me know.

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