Naming baby girls is something I like vicariously through others for as being a boy mama means I haven't had chance to experience it. Nor do I think I ever will as more children is definitely off the cards for us for the foreseeable. Which means, I can share with you all the would be names that we had in mind for the daughters that never were. Typically for us, baby girl names seemed that little bit easier to think of and agree on, not that it mattered too much as John is more than aware that I have the final say.

As with my favourite little boy names, I think there is a distinct pattern, classic and tradition. Nothing too crazy and most definitely names you would have heard of. I like to try and envision my child in numerous circumstances with their name, at school trying to write it, a job interview introducing themselves and as a parent themselves. If it isn't adaptable then it's a no go from me, after all a name is a lifelong commitment and I think we always tend to forget what a huge responsibility it is. Now, enough of the jabbering and let's get down to what you've actually came here to read, our favourite girls names.

Nancy - Without a shadow of a doubt our top baby girl name and was eagerly waiting for both boths until their gender scans told us other wise. It's beautiful, classic and girly. But, I wont be using it as we don't intend to have another child. 

Martha - Another beautiful name, but it matches our reasoning for why Patrick was never Arthur. Because my other half and his damned southern accent likes to say 'Marfur' instead and thus, Martha was off our list in the early days.

Molly - From being a little girl I loved the name Molly it was always a favourite, however my Nan kind of put stop to this being debated as she was adamant I should call my child, should she be a girl, Molly. It sounds silly but I want the choice to be firmly ours, therefore she kind of put a big metaphorical line through Molly for us. 

Penelope - I loved the idea of having a Penelope and calling her P, but we already have our very own Patrick P and it wouldn't really work with two of them in the household. The Kardashians definitely brought this name to the forefront for me and surprisingly, they didn't put me off it. 

Polly - Last on my list but by no means least was Polly. I always imagine a dinky little girl with curls in her hair named Polly and it'll always be up there with our firm favourites. However, being a nursery nurse I can't help but think 'Miss Polly had a dolly' every single time I think of the name.

Girls names were definitely easier, I could go on for hours reeling off some of our favourites. I feel as though I've put my own personal stamp on these names now and should anything go a little tits up I'm pretty confident one of these beauties would be a new addition to our family. Alas, I'm confident I'll be a boy mama for the rest of my years and you'll never meet a Nancy or a Martha from me. 

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