Valentines is just around the corner and it's only usually around about now I actually start to think what could I get for John. I've said before how Valentines has never been a huge occasion for us, and I do feel it's marketed more at couples that are still all new and in the honeymoon period. After two kids and seven years, we are definitely not in that stage anymore. However we will celebrate, as I've said we're making an extra special effort this year. Giving that my gift guides at Christmas were received so well, I thought I'd piece together a little one for that special guy in your life, with something to suit all budgets and tastes.

1. Things We Love About Daddy - Something from the kids to your other half which I think is incredibly sweet, you can completely customise it to suit your family which is perfect and a present that will make for a very adorable keepsake in years to come. It's less than £10, a total steal and you can grab a frame from anywhere. Alternatively, you could make one yourself with absolutely no cost to you.

2. The Book Of Everyone -  I LOVE personalised books like this, I find them fascinating when they're filled with unique facts, you fill in your loved ones details and it will include data from the day they were born, to special occasions you've both experienced. It would most certainly blow anyone away and another great keepsake.

3. Nutalicious Gift Box - These little gift boxes are both beautiful and fantastic. A perfect alternative to generic chocolates this Valentines Day and a really good one for those who have made new year resolutions to keep fit or eat less junk. They're super healthy with a variety of nuts whilst still having those little mouth watering moments with the chocolate coating. I was also so impressed when I received one of these with just how big they really are. The website doesn't do them justice because each individual nut box is huge and one of the selection packs, will go a really long way.

4. I Tolerate You Lollipop - This will most definitely be bought for John this year. It made me giggle when I stumbled across it on NOTHS and I'm sure John will do the exact same when he sees it next week. It's tongue in cheek and a less obvious way of saying I love you this year.

5. Pocket Square - If your other half is a bit of a business man then I think a pocket square is a lovely gift for him this year, it's something affordable but still chic and I've found Mr Jenks to offer some of the best around, they're unique and a little different but still incredibly fashionable and stylish. They even do some seriously smart umbrellas, that will most definitely cause a few heads to turn.

6. The Story Of Us, So Far - Another one for the keepsakes, a beautiful scrapbook that you can do yourself. If you love the idea of the book of everyone but would prefer to completely customise it, then perhaps something like this is more suited to you. If you're super crafty then this would be right up your street as you can add pictures, momentos and write inside too.

7. Valentines Biscuits - If your other half is anything like John and has a total sweet tooth, then biscuits are going to be a winner. I love this style from Honeywell bakes, they look delicious and have so many different variations, though they aren't the cheapest around I would definitely pay the extra for how aesthetically pleasing they are.

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*Some products were sent for review purposes


  1. My other half is on a diet which is making choosing a gift pretty challenging. The books are lovely ideas

  2. I adore these lolly pops I might have to order them because they are something which sum up my relationship. I am sure he is going to think I am fattening him up as he as already had cake as part of his present

    Charlotte x

  3. That I tolerate you is fab!!!! Hubby definitely deserves that this year!

  4. I wont be buying anything this Valentine's Day however I LOVE the Book of Everyone books! x

  5. I am definitely getting the lollipop!

  6. We don't usually buy gifts but there are some lovely things in the list!