Motherhood is no easy task, it can be gruelling, unrewarding, daunting and hard. Motherhood IS hard. At some point or another we all mess up, make mistakes and have to pick ourselves up and carry on - you learn from them. Quite often with blogging, it seems we all like to talk about our mistakes, things that we've done wrong and what we want to do more of. It's rare we as Mums, are blowing our trumpet about how we're absolutely nailing it some days (they are rare days). But thankfully, we have an excuse to now and so we should because positivity breeds positivity - the Rocking Motherhood tag is that excuse and the lovely Charlotte from Cups of Charlotte, has tagged me. So here goes, a few reasons why I feel that I am rocking motherhood lately...

1 - I've coped pretty well with two children. When Noah was born we still lived with my parents so had a lot of help around, everyone was hands on and it made life very easy for us. But now we're over 20 minutes drive away and most weeks go by without me seeing anyone bar John and the kids - but it's ok. I've managed a lot easier than I thought I would, I rarely call on anyone for help and I'm proud about that. Having two children isn't easy sometimes but I think I'm handling it ok.

2 - I've really enjoyed making my own purees for Patrick. Something I didn't do as much with Noah, but I have completely done with Patrick. There is something so satisfying about cooking a meal from scratch for your baby and seeing them enjoy it all. It can be hard to do with a very clingy son of mine, but I've managed.

3 - I'm stepping out of my comfort zone for the boys. In just a couple of weeks we're heading on a mini break to Bluestone Wales, I can't wait. The drive is going to be hard, it's almost 5 hours without factoring in any breaks, but the boys will love it and we all need it. It makes me anxious thinking about the travel but I'm certain it'll be worth it.

4 - I know my baby. Completely, no body knows him better than me, his cries, his glances, I can read him like a book.

5 - We're baking more. Baking and crafting are the things I put off doing most, because mainly, well the mess. But this year already we've made sure we are baking every weekend and I've actually found myself enjoying it much more than I thought.

6 - I'm more relaxed that I used to be. If Noah wants to get three puzzles out he can, if he is demanding the blue cup, that's ok. I'm learning to choose my battles and it's working wonders already.

7 - I make sure Noah has a story or three every single night before bed. I never fail on this, it's like cement in our routine and we look forward to it as much as him.

8 - I've done every single night wake up myself. Not once has John got up, not to make a bottle, change a nappy, or nurse P in the night. I've done it solely and I'm pretty proud of that.

9 - I'm trying my absolute best so my kids can have as many experiences as possible. I'm now creating my own extra income through my blog which is always 100% on them.

10 - My kids are healthy and happy, and if that doesn't say that we're all doing fantastic. I don't know what does.

I tag every single person who reads or comments! Share the love and raise yourself up, tell me at least one thing below that you feel proud of as a mother.


  1. This is an awesome tag! You're right we don't big ourselves up enough when we nail it as parents.

    Lucie -

  2. This is literally my favourite ever tag, I love the fact that us parents are taking the time to actually appreciate ourselves, and acknowledge how we are doing so well in so many ways. I love your answers :-) Katie xx

  3. Love this - I am the same about night feeds and I'm pretty chuffed. Motherhood is super challenging so you should be proud!

  4. Number 10 says it all for me! They are alive and healthy, well done you x

  5. Yes! I am the same about book time. Every night before bed, without fail. But my son is starting to read for himself now and I can see a time in the future when he won't need me any more. So relish it! And yes, I also dread long car journeys too. It's the one time I am relaxed about the iPad though 😉! Great post. Thank you x

  6. Some real similarities here! I need to do mine! :)

  7. This tag is amazing! Such a kick ass idea.