Noah 4 Month Update

I've been a bit naughty lately and kind of absconded from blogging. I have been super busy and to be honest, haven't had the energy. When I've had spare time I've just wanted to relax or do chores that have mounted up. But I vow to be back on track now.

Noah is almost 5 months! Where has that time gone? I know it's cliche, but it's really gone by so fast. He's grown up so quickly and really has developed his own little personality, it's so amazing to see him grow and change every single day.

Routine: I feel we've fully developed a routine for Noah now. He has begun weaning so we give him some porridge / fruity porridge around dinner time, and then we've started incorporating something more substantial for tea time, like Mediterranean vegetables and rice, which he loves. As soon as Noah reaches 5 months, I will move off the powders and start making my own purées & giving him some of our food, which I'm extremely excited for.

Sleeping: Noah did go through a very bad sleeping phase from around 15 weeks and it lasted about 2-3 weeks, I felt like I was going mad. But he seems to have worked it out himself and is back to normal again now. He goes to sleep after a bath, bottle & some cuddles at 7 and he's fast asleep by 8. We were very keen to keep it at this time, and may even make it 30 minutes later as when we go on holiday, I don't want him wanting to sleep before we've even had tea. But we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. He does sleep till around 5/6, when I usually bring him in with me and he falls straight back to sleep with cuddles. We then wake around 9 and get on with our day.

Milestones: So Noah has fully mastered the roll, from front to back, it's like a little game for him now. We try to give him tummy time, and he has other ideas and flips onto his back. The cheeky boy! He's a confident grabber now, and when he reaches for things he gets them first time, for example if he has a dummy in, he enjoys pulling it out, putting it back in. He's even managed to grasp hold of his juice cup!!

I really think 4-7 months are the months of the most changes within a baby, and I cannot wait to see how much Noah develops over these crucial weeks.

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