The Benefits Of Bottle Feeding.

When I was pregnant, in every waiting room, every hospital corridor, every antenatal class, breastfeeding was rammed down my throat. It was slightly ridiculous, and you're almost made to feel bad if you don't want to breastfeed. They even went round the group in an antenatal class and asked everyone what they were planning on doing, now I honestly don't see any need for that, except to make you feel bad and then sit there and listen to all of these wonderful stories of how much of a better mother you shall be if you breastfeed. Not once, ever in my pregnancy or since having Noah, have I heard anyone discuss the benefits of bottle feeding. (When I say bottle feeding, I do mean formula) So here i am.

First of all, the main benefit for us has been joint feeding. It allows me to have a break occasionally and John to feed, which is nice because I usually have a million and one other things I need to do that John simply cannot fathom (washing, drying, ironing, cooking etc) It gives me a little time on my hands. On weekends then, when John is off work, he can help out with night feeds, which is amazing because it does mean again, I get a little bit more relaxing and sleep (ah yes, remember sleep?) The final benefit of joint feeding, is that Noah and John bond together. Feeding is such a delicate and peaceful time, Noah really studies our faces when he's having his milk and it would be such a shame for John to ever miss out on that. It stops him feeling left out.

You really can feed anywhere. Now I know with breastfeeding you also can, but some ladies really don't feel comfortable feeding in public, which is a problem you'll never have with bottle feeding. There is no shyness, you don't have to sneak off to a private room if at a friends house, and you can do it absolutely anywhere. Just pop a bottle ready in your bag, I often warm it before we leave (as it takes a good hour to become a reasonable temp) and then it's good to take. That way, if Noah is due a feed when we're out, it doesn't limit us to how long we can stay out for. 

Sleeping longer, people might dispute this but I am certain that babies who are bottle fed do tend to sleep for longer periods. I believe formula is slightly bulkier than breast milk, thus filling their little tummies for longer. Because if a breast fed baby is giving a formula feed before bed, you often hear their mummies saying how much more sleep they got. Noah sleeps roughly for 5 hours between a feed during the night, and that's a minimum. It's very, very, unlike him to wake any earlier between feeds than that, often going longer. 

When you're little one is getting older, you'll have absolutely no issues with weaning them onto a bottle. Because they'll have already gotten used to it. There isn't any latching issues like sometimes there can be with newborns, and you really don't feel all of that added stress of if they're getting enough because you can see EXACTLY how much they're getting at each feed, and adjust it appropriately if needed.

Some people might not like the idea of this post, because I do believe in some ways it is almost seen as failing if you bottle feed. Something I think is a load of c**p. The midwives at one antenatal class I went to told us that breastfeeding mothers are 'just more in tune with there babies', again something I see as complete rubbish. We adore Noah, and just because we chose to bottle feed, doesn't mean we feel any differently towards him than mothers do who breast feed their children. We've done what we think is best for our child and us, and so far, it's working absolutely wonderfully.


  1. I totally agree with everything you've written! I hated feeling like I was failure because we chose to bottle feed, but for us it's just so much more practical x

  2. Great post! I completely agree with everything you've said. I think that people need to stop going on about breastfeeding as if it's the only way you should feed your baby. I had decided from early on in my pregnancy I wanted to formula feed but was worried to mention it to my midwife in case she said anything to me. When I was in the hospital after giving birth, the midwife asked me how I was feeding Oscar so I said formula and she was like "you do know it's better to breastfeed and it's cheaper." Way to make me feel confident about my choice!
    I think if you want to breastfeed, then you should. If you want to formula feed, then you should. People need to stop being so judgey about others choices as it doesn't affect them how you feed your baby and at the end of the day, once your children are past the age of breast/bottle no one could even tell the difference of who was breast or formula fed! xx

    Kat from Blushing Rose Beauty | Tiny Flutters - Mummy & Baby

  3. This is a great post. And i'd also add that there's a massive amount of research that goes into formula - it's jammed full of vitamins and nutrients. Plus a think formula is better for a baby who has a mum with a poor diet/lots of alcohol etc household where god know what filters into their breast milk. I have two friends who are nursery nurses who say that breastfed babies are much more clingy/needy than bottle as they are used to relying solely on their mothers. Breastfed babies are also just as prone to colic (another ridiculous myth that they're not). The only thing that formula can't do is give the baby the initial antibody filled milk, and for that reason, I'd always try to give my baby that xx