The Dummy Debate

Something that often causes quite a stir, is should your child have a dummy or not? Now before I had Noah, I thought there was no way on earth I would give him one. It was unnecessary and if he never had one, he couldn't miss what he didn't have. Very naive of me.

When Noah was very young, and up until about 10 weeks he really, really wasn't fussed about having one. I did find myself offering him them when he sometimes seemed inconsolable, but he only got frustrated as he thought it was a bottle. I quickly had decided that if he would take one he could have one, anything that would soothe him or help him out, was completely fine by me. Now Noah does take a dummy, but not all the time, he only has it for maybe 1 hour a day? Which we give him to fall asleep, he doesn't cry for one or anything like that, which is the perfect position to be in for us. He even drops it out once he's fallen asleep and it's no issue for him.

I know people do think a dummy is bad for a baby, and of course, if he's hooked on a dummy at 2 or 3, I'll be starting to worry about the development of his teeth and gums. But at the moment, it's really not an issue. We will wean him off it at 1, but I don't think it will be a problem as he isn't all that reliant on it. I do feel like there is a stigma attached to dummys these days, like often getting funny looks from people when he has one in. I even had a women in Tesco once ask me if he took a dummy, I'm really not sure what relevance it is to anyone? Whatever makes my child happy, makes us happy. And if it isn't harming him, then I don't see any problem.

What do you think about children having a dummy?


  1. I've been considering a dummy for my little one and he's 2 and a half weeks. I think as a mummy we know whats best and I'm quickly learning to just go with my instincts as there will always be someone disapproving - especially nosy women in Tesco lol

    Your little man is gorgeous, is he wearing the velour style sleepsuit from Boots? If so my Jasper has it and I love it! xx

  2. AnonymousMay 05, 2014

    Baby London sounds exactly the same as Noah. He doesn't cry for his dummy but we use it when he's ready for a nap and then he spits it out. I don't think we'll have issues getting him off it. Fingers crossed! lol

  3. Yeah I think we've worked out a happy medium, which is quite lucky. Like yourself with Baby London, I think Noah will have no issues without it, as he's never yet cried for it. Thankfully!