Having two lively boys I'm always looking for activities and adventures to tire them out, especially ones that wont involve the words 'when are we going home?'. Luckily we found a brand new one not too far from us. We're not entirely new to Clip n Climb and have used other centres locally too, but we're yet to find two the same so there's always a little bit of variety if you head to a new centre I find. Clip n Climb are a worldwide brand and have lots of different climbing centres, they have over 50 different climbing challenges each designed for different abilities and there really is something for everyone, regardless if you're an expert or a beginner.

Clip n Climb in Newark looks to be brand new and actually when we booked I found the whole process to be pretty easy - at £15 each for the boys during peak time, I didn't think it was too pricey either. I don't think the word has fully got around locally of the centre as despite it being a Saturday afternoon, when we arrived we found that the boys were the only two booked on so they had the whole place to themselves - how amazing! Just like other centres, you head inside, watch a little induction / safety video and then get fitted with your harness before you get climbing. The lovely assistant was fantastic with the boys, really attentive and answered every question they had. The centre in Newark has over 12 different climbing challenges, from a speed climb wall, to a rope climb - there really was something to appeal to every kind of climber. My two are very different, Noah is more cautious, wereas Pip wants to try the most difficult walls first and wont give up till he's completed them.

Not only do you have the different walls to climb, which if you end up having it all to yourself like we did, you can get round in a good time. You also have little challenges on them, one in particular was to climb and you couldn't put two feet on the same piece of wall, that spices things up for the walls you've already completed. Especially when you gain 'points' for every challenge you complete, it makes things a little more competitive. Again the women we had with us was fantastic and would set the boys her own challenges too, she assisted them whenever they needed it and would give them lots of tips and encouragement to help them.

The only thing I will say is lacking at this centre, is the more thrilling challenge they usually have at Clip n Climb, we've been to one before where you have tall poles to walk up and at the top you jump from, the boys always love that. Or I have seen others with the big drop slides that hoist you up first. However this centre was a lot smaller than others so perhaps didn't have quite the same amount of space. As I said, still plenty to do in your slot and my two already want to book and go again.

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