Well, well, well.. It's been a few months since I did one of these hasn't it? I think it's definitely overdue. So much has happened and I thought 2022 may be a little kinder to me but it's definitely been a little challenging. That being said, last year taught me so much that I've handled things so much better than I probably would have if any of the dramas had of happened last year. Looking on the positives though, we're now just over half way into the year and things are improving in some areas, I'm really excited to see what the rest of the year brings, but perhaps not so much that I've turned the big three-oh.

So, the boys. In March I got the call I think most parents dread, I was in work and Noah was injured at his football match, now Noah is a really tough cookie, he doesn't fall down and I actually can't recall ever seeing him laying on the ground feigning an injury, he just gets on with it. This time was different though and while he didn't cry, it really wasn't like him to say he couldn't walk. To be on the safe side I took him to urgent care but the nurse assured me he seemed far too content for any breaks / fractures, so that was a relief. Until the x-ray was done and showed a clean break - poor Noah. So until this week he's been in a cast on his ankle, which was broken and hobbling around on crutches. It's gained him a lot of attention but I'm truly so proud of how he's handled it, he's loved and I really mean loved, using his crutches and hasn't complained once. Naturally he's missed out on a lot, no swimming, no football, he's missed birthday parties and has had to stay indoors at break times at school - it's been hard for him but as I said he's truly taken it in his stride, my little superstar. At school he's still completely rocking it, consistently topping his time tables rockstars for the whole school, which isn't anything new as he's a bit of a math genius. I actually had a go on the app and almost made him cry because I sent his score BACKWARDS. Mortifying. So I'm banned from it now. Sorry about that one son. 

Patrick is typical Patrick, an absolute firecracker. He keeps me on my toes but he's much calmer these days, he's growing up and he turned six in June. In terms of school he's also making me super proud, we had parents evening back in February and it was nothing but praise for him, he never fails to impress me. He's very much mr popular and at the moment I think he has a busier social life than I do, parties most weekends, even at school pick up I have to wait ten minutes between collecting him to then getting Noah... do you think I can keep him with me? Not a chance, he's too cool for that and he's always off gallivanting with his friends. His football is getting better again and you can just tell the benefit he's had from practicing with the older boys for a good year, he's feisty and I love watching him play. Apparently not as much as he loves to play the game himself though as every waking moment I'm asked if it's football day yet. My little whirlwind did catch covid this year, but thankfully was completely fine with it and back to his normal self within a few days.

Then probably the hardest thing I've ever had to go through, only equaled by Pip being in NICU, is the illness of my Nan this year. It's come as a huge shock to us all and something I have spoken about on Instagram a little bit - I'm so grateful for all the support and kind messages I've had but it's been nothing short of horrendous. The prognosis for my Nan is bad and at the moment we're all just trying to spend as much time as we can with her, whilst we still have her with us. It just really puts emphasis why you have to make the most of the time you have because you never know when things can change. 

The most positive thing to come out of this year of course is my gorgeous nephew, a little valentines baby and he is the most beautiful little boy I ever did see. I'm sure my sister will say he's a nightmare at bedtimes, but I think she's telling lies because I can't imagine a baby so sweet to be like that. But also in terms of myself I am definitely a much happier person this year, I feel like 2021 was a difficult one for me in terms of my personal life. I went through a difficult break up, then had some co-parenting issues which all took it's toll on me. However I've moved into 2022 with a lot more confidence in all aspects of my life, in who I am as a person, my abilities as a mother and in my job. I seem to have a really good work / life balance at the moment and I'm desperate to maintain that as the year continues.

So I think that's a wrap for my life update, I'm sure I've forgotten a lot because it definitely feels like so much has happened lately, but I'll try not to leave it as long next time before I fill you all in.

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