Oh my little pipsqueak, I cannot believe I've had six whole years of Patrick. I feel so lucky to be able to say that, he's my baby and most definitely always will be. Much to his dismay I'm sure. It sounds so cliche but it doesn't seem five minutes since he was born - and what a whirlwind that was, probably a good indication of what to expect with you over the future. Patrick probably spoke about his birthday every day since Christmas, he wanted it to be perfect and he had high expectations of exactly what he wanted. That being said his party was very him - a disco party. He loves his music and he loves to dance, he's full of energy and we just knew that he would love a disco... we weren't wrong.

It was the first year Pip has been able to have a party thanks to Covid, so he really did deserve the best day. My sister was on cake making duty with strict instructions of exactly what he wanted, we'd browsed pinterest and he'd sent her over his favourite options. Oh the perks of having an insane baker for an auntie. We hired DNA Kids which I used last year too for Noahs football themed party, they are a fantastic company and we will no doubt be using them again for the next few years. He had the most amazing time and his friends all seemed to enjoy it too so I was really pleased, I didn't enjoy however making up party bags, food boxes *my mum definitely did these* and sweet cones for 25 kids - it never gets easier. I'm so glad that the boys birthdays are almost exactly six months apart because it gives me enough time to forget how stressful sorting birthday parties are. He also got an extra special treat for his birthday too with Aunty Lulu and Uncle Joe taking him to Cadburys world, 

In the past year Patrick has achieved so much, in terms of sports it's really always been his forte but he definitely struggled a little with confidence for a while, we've worked so hard on it that now he's completely acing his football again. His team beat the year above just last week in a footie tournament and Patrick got two assists, I adore watching him play because it just comes so naturally to him. My Dad coaches U9's and Pip trains with him as he fits right in amongst them with his skill level. His school work is always top notch and I just received the most wonderful school report, it makes me beam with pride knowing I'm raising not only one smart little cookie, but also a really kind and lovable child. He is completely unaware at the moment, but I've also had an email inviting me to the awards assembly on Wednesday as Pip has been selected for the headteachers award this year. It's going to do wonders again for his self esteem and I just can't wait to see the look on his face when his name is read out. I will try my best not to embarrass him by crying.

Keep being you my wonderful boy, I am so lucky to be your Mummy.

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