It's hard isn't it? I wasn't really going to talk much about the fact we're in a national lock down but figured that's a little stupid given how monumental this is for us. It's not exactly a time I want to sit and talk about how much we're struggling or enjoying this time either, because I know for so, so many out there that it's truly horrific. We are incredibly lucky, sure we're stuck inside and it's boring but how fortunate are we that all we have to do is simply stay home with our loved ones? How many people would trade a limb for that right now? I can't even count the amount of times when I wasn't self employed that I longed for days at home with my boys again, yet now we have it we realise just how grateful we should be for the ordinary.

I never really thought about how such mundane tasks like heading to the supermarket, especially alone, was a privilege. Making sure you have everything you need in for your little ones so you don't have to venture out anywhere is harder than it sounds, we just can't afford to run out of things because a trip to the shops is off the cards. It's really put so much into perspective for me and I am grateful for a lot more.

We've always been an outdoorsy family and I think being restricted with the amount of time we can spend outside has only heightened that for us. We hate not being able to explore and our garden certainly wasn't prepared for us to be spending three months stuck inside it, I really wish I'd anticipated what was about to come so I could have made it perfect but then again, I don't think anyone expected a global pandemic did they? Now things are starting to ease up somewhat and we'll be able to hire people to come around and fix up our garden, I'm really looking into Artificial Turf as I follow quite a few fellow bloggers on Instagram who have made this work so well for them. I think it's great for when you have kids, especially boys like mine who I know would ruin actual grass in any month thanks to the amount of football they like to play. There's so many other plus points too, a lot less maintenance and the fact even in winter it wont be half as muddy!

Me and the boys have already made a list of the things we're most excited to do once lockdown is fully lifted and we're all able to get back to some form of normal, though I'm not sure things will ever go back to how they were before. I'll feature our list another day and think it's a great way to have something to look forward to, everybody loves a focal point right?

It's so strange now, this has been our every day for so long that I've forgotten what it's like not to queue outside Asda, I've forgotten the days of taking the boys to a cinema on those rainy Sunday afternoons. Now that we're able to socialise in groups of six it's definitely released some of the pressure and worries I had relating to Pips birthday, he's going to be four in just a week and I really wanted him to at the least be able to spend it with some of my family. Thankfully now we can do that, so he wont really notice the big difference. It does make me sad though, it's his last birthday before he starts school and I'm frustrated it wont be as special as I hoped. But I know how lucky we are that this is our biggest worry, we haven't been directly affected by Covid while so many have, so we'll forever be grateful for that.

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