Thanks to the Covid outbreak we've all had so much to deal with, I don't think any one family has gone through everything smooth sailing. At first I worried about losing loved ones, then it was home schooling and each week it seemed new problems rolled in. When lockdown hit I knew there was going to be a plethora of issues that we'd have to over come, but I never thought my own hair would be one of them. I know, I know, this is such a minute issue in the grand scheme of everything, people are losing loved ones, I am more than aware of all of this. However the thought I was about to maybe lose half my hair was still traumatic to me.

Back in February I'd have my weft extensions refitted, so when lock down hit four weeks later I was a little tetchy, people who've ever had any form of hair extensions will understand immediately what I mean. It doesn't sound like too much of a big deal because someone who isn't a professional can remove them for you if you order a little tool online, however if you're single like me, it's a massive issue. Trying to remove 200 tiny microloops from strands of hair at the back of your head is near impossible let me tell you, without ripping your own hair out in the process. My other option? Leave them, but knowing that the longer they continue to grow out, the more likely it is my natural hair will begin to get matted at the root. As someone with curly hair I knew this was probably going to happen sooner rather than later. I waited and waited for as long as possible, hoping some solution would arise, but it didn't. Next time I'm seriously going to consider something like the Luxury Halo Hair Extensions for Women as let me tell you ladies out there, the stress and hand cramp it took to get my weft extensions out was not worth it. Over the space of two days it took me over six hours and I know that I lost more than my fair share of my own hair in doing so. But I figured that was the lesser of two evils when I imagined matted roots.

I was actually quite shocked to see there really wasn't any solutions for trying to remove extensions yourself, so many at home methods involved having someone else living with you, which isn't always the case. Given how common hair extensions are these days, the fact there is such a variety out there and even how many affordable Hair Replacement Systems for men there are it just shocked me there weren't any options to remove them easily. I'm sure there were so many people just like me who were stuck and probably so many hairdressers and stylists who felt helpless. It's definitely made me a bit wary about getting them in again, especially if a second wave hits. But I thought this post may help anyone who ends up in the boat I was in, in the future.

For me the best advice I can give you is patience, whack on a tv series, sit near a mirror and go. For me Tiger King got me through because so many times I really lost the will to live, the hours didn't quite feel like days as I had something decent to focus on to. I bought this really hand nano ring removal tool (basically some mini pliers) from Amazon, sectioned my hair off, poured myself a drink and got on with it. I started with the bottom layer first as it was the smallest of course, but now looking back I wish I'd have started with one of the bigger layers half way up as it made getting half way through overwhelming as I knew I still had the biggest ones to get through. If you're on this post because you're in that situation, please feel free to shoot me a message on Instagram. I saw a lot of tips about different solutions that can losen the glue but they also weren't great for your extensions themselves so if you're going to be re-using the hair I probably wouldn't advise that!

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