I don't really tend to do posts like this but recently whilst looking for new Netflix shows to watch I found a few similar posts online, and I loved them, sure Netflix always advertises it's new series or tabloids will review them but I like to read something unbiased and this was a perfect way to do so. I feel as though my taste in shows varies so much, I can be glued to Love Island every night or engrossed in some serial cop drama, I don't really stick to any genre though I do know what I don't like even on just reading a small synopsis.

Netflix is has pretty much become my go-to lately, the thought of sitting through advertisements offend me and I like to be able to tune into whatever everyone is talking about, which seems to be Netflix. They also like to drop a whole season at once sometimes which is great if you're an absolute binge watcher like me. Whether it's grabbing a load of snacks from Tesco and bedding down on the sofa for a marathon, or something to have playing whilst I'm working like now, I like to have it on. So I thought I'd put together a quick post of the things I think you should flick on if you're looking for something new to start.

Don't F*ck With Cats
This one immediately put me off initially as I saw the title and assumed it was something feline related, duh? It is, but don't be put off if you're not a cat adorer like me, because they're really a pretty minuet part of the three part story. It's such an amazing watch, it gripped me within the first ten minutes and just genuinely highlights the power (and scary side) of the internet. If it was a film it would fit into the thriller genre, but it's more of a docu-series, with two of the main people who were a part of the story, telling it. So many times I found myself thinking there is no way this could be real, but after researching, it definitely is. I haven't heard from anyone who's watched it and not found it insanely good. I started watching the first part at around ten o'clock at night with the intention of watching the others the next night, but of course I ended up finishing it all the same night as I couldn't not click on the next episode.

American Crime Story: OJ vs The People
No big secret what this is about, another series, based on the murder of Nicole Brown and Ron Gould that carries on to the subsequent trial of OJ Simpson. I'd heard about OJ before and the infamous glove but it was never something I'd paid an interest in so again, didn't think this would be all that - but as always I was hooked instantly. If crime dramas are your thing I'm pretty certain you'll enjoy this as although it's clearly reenacting the real life murders, it's still gripping and I found out so much that I had no idea about before I tuned it. My opinion before and after hadn't changed though, OJ did it.

Genuinely not something I would ordinarily opt for, I'm not usually into comedy-dramas, I don't really know what genre it even fits into as it isn't overly 'ha ha' funny. But it's good. After an episode you will be hooked plus it's such an easy watch. It follows the life of Sam, an 18 year old with autism and then focuses on his whole family too and how it affects them. I did find it a journey as I watched each episode, but thankfully when I discovered it two seasons had already been released to I could fully binge watch. I did have to wait a good six months for the third though, but they're all out and over on Netflix, I'm sure a forth season will be on the cards too. The first season had 8 episodes but then the second and third extended to ten which seemed a lot more fitting. It's such an inclusive drama and follows people from all walks of life, definitely worth a watch if you're into a bit of everything.

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  1. Ooh I haven't watched any of these before!
    I love the sound of Atypical x