I am all for doing whatever makes you feel good in life, if you want to make changes to your appearance then go for it. For me my hair has always been one of my biggest pet hates, I've just never loved it and even though my natural curls are sure the envy of some, they're the bane of my life. My hair only truly got to a length I was happy with during each of my sons but of course we all know postpartum isn't kind to us and most of the luscious locks I'd grown, fast faded away. So I began to wear hair extensions. Initially clip ins and they really almost instantly gave me the look I was looking for, luckily for me my hair is naturally almost black, so colour matching was never an issue and I could always order what I needed online with ease.

Hair extensions  or wigs are honestly such a fantastic way to jazz up your look without having to commit to anything extreme, perfect for someone like me that is so fickle. Though saying that even if I got a hair cut I didn't like, I'm pretty sure I could find some extensions to make me feel a bit happier about it.

Another huge bonus point for me about extensions is the amount of options you can pick from, if you just need something for a weekend or night, then clip ins are amazing. But if you want something longer you can opt for sewn in or bonded extensions, mine are now sewn in, with maintenance appointments every 6-8 weeks. These fit in perfectly with my lifestyle as I was starting to wear clip ins more and more, it seemed like the wiser option to go for something a little more fixed. It also means as a Mum, I don't have to worry about dedicating time to section and clip in my hair, it's already there - a huge plus for me.

For my own hair, I was finding it getting quite heat damaged before I had extensions as naturally I was doing all I could to make the best of the hair I had. However now I have a little added length and thickness, I have easily reduced the amount of heat on my hair by 50% because with even a simple brush through I'm so much happier with how it looks, I really only need to use heat tools to style it when I'm doing something special, not for the everyday like previously. Not only that but because I have extensions in my hair, when I do use for example curlers on my ends, less heat is applied to my natural hair as the extensions take the brunt. I've definitely noticed the condition of my hair improving.

Hair extensions aren't just another beauty accessory in my eyes, they've truly made such a difference to my confidence and self esteem. I really couldn't get to grips with my hair before, it was thin at the ends and I just felt as though I'd have to wait years to get the mermaid hair I'd dreamed of, but here I am.

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