When you work in a creative industry it's always really hard to keep up and there is so much pressure to do so. For me in blogging, I find the most difficult part is getting my images how I want them. If you've followed me long enough you'll know I definitely prefer an outdoors shot as natural lighting just helps me ten fold. I struggle with indoor shots and it really does then limit me in terms of what pictures I can and can't get. That being said I've been thinking about whats to up my photography game and I think investing in some good backdrops, cute props and better lighting would be a good start.

I see other peoples flat lays and honestly I am in awe, it's something I really struggle to master that I know I need to improve for product shots so the most common sense upgrade I need is some great backdrops. It helps me eliminate the fear of shooting inside when I think my house isn't photograph-worthy, or something doesn't look picture perfect, having a lovely background to shoot against will give me the confidence I need to get stuck in instead of just avoiding it. I'm actually pretty shocked in how far the designs of backdrops have come, long gone are the days of block colours and now there's everything from brick walls, to floral displays and even holiday themes such as Easter and Valentines day.

Another area I need to build on is definitely my props game, I need to invest in some dainty photography pieces that I solely use for flat lays and product shots, just to make them a little bit more interesting. Pictures can be really boring when it's a simple head on shot, I much prefer it when there's more to look at mixed in there. I've seen so many other bloggers post their favourite places to grab bits so I am going to be scouring through. I also think this is such a good way to shake up your photos, by changing the props between photos so it's not the same old on each one.

Lastly is the lighting, I do have some indoor lights but I think because I love the natural light outside that I need to try and utilise this indoors too. By moving shots near windows and taking advantage of the peak sunlight hours, I should be able to get a much better result at the end as when I use my indoor lights I always find them really dull and lacklustre, despite having such intense light - it just isn't the same. This may also reduce my need to edit them so much

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