There's so many big trends across the beauty industry every year and I feel one of the biggest ones of the last decade has been the rise in more and more people wearing wigs. I think it's fantastic, we should all be able to do whatever we like to switch up our look and I think wearing a wig is probably one of the quickest yet dramatic changes you can make. I've definitely noticed celebrities wigs changing by the week which has easily contributed to helping people be more confident in their hair choices, it's great.

I have never tried a wig before, but I love how much of a change they make to peoples appearance. I was only watching Love Island this week in absolute awe of how Priscilla went from a dark brunette with long hair, to a short choppy blonde cut in a matter of minutes thanks to the help of a wig. It truly makes the world of difference, especially when you weigh up the cost of a hair cut & colour like that in comparison, it's so much more affordable. Plus, if you wanted to make such a dramatic change to your natural hair but wasn't quite brave enough, a wig may be a really good way to see how it looks and perhaps even better than the bold commitment of a hair cut. I think most of us can relate to getting a cut or colour that we've wanted but once it's done, hate, that pressure is totally erased with a wig.

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There are so many obvious benefits to wearing a wig: the convenience, natural hair really does require a lot of work and attention, to look how you want it to. With a wig you don't have to worry about that at all, it would save you so much time and within minutes you'd have hair ready to go, as opposed to the hours it can take a lot of us. If you're hair is thinning, wigs are another great option to help mask it, nobody likes feeling self conscious and if you're wanting to cover it, it's a great solution. As with my own reasoning for loving hair extensions, wearing a wig can really reduce the amount of damage your own hair is getting as you wont be applying any heat or styling tools to your hair if you know you're wearing a wig, thus giving your real hair that break it so often needs.

In addition to all of that, and besides the fact it's actually I'm sure a lot of fun to wear a wig, as an everyday statement or just to try something new and exciting - there's actually no limitation to style when it comes to them. I've seen a variety of colours and cuts, each one as bold and striking in their own rite, you're certain to find something to suit you.

I think a lot of people worry when wearing a wig if people will notice, but so much has been done over the last ten years that to the untrained eye, it's usually incredibly difficult to tell. Of course if your friends and family are seeing a new hair style each week they'll realise, but personally I believe we should be loud and proud about wig usage, it's such a wonderful way to mix things up and again, there has been so much development to make wearing them so pleasant, the materials they're made from have improved, they're better adjusted to the scalp and they have such a diversified range of cuts and colours. What's not to love?

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