My baby you're really a boy now, not that you haven't been since birth but you're growing up so fast, I don't want to take my eyes away for a second. I couldn't be prouder to be your Mummy, you amaze me every single day. Though you're changing right in front of me, your personality remains the same and I couldn't be happier knowing you're still the kind, caring, sweet little boy that started to show way back in 2014.

Now you're six and sat comfortably in year one, it does make me sad that I see less of you than ever, you're so busy with clubs and school that I feel as though sometimes I have to share you with everyone. I worry, I know so easily that children really are like glass and every single person they interact with leaves like a hand print on them, but I just hope that nobody has enough of an impact on you to ever change who you are. It's hard for me to put into words just how sweet you are, the smallest things make you so happy, like yesterday you found a little note in a notebook you like to write in, all I'd wrote is I love Noah, Noah is a smelly bum - yet it made you so happy for the longest time. Even when you woke this morning it was the first thing you mentioned with the biggest, most beaming smile across your face. 

You're doing amazing at school, we'll have another parents evening in February but it's so lovely to hear your teachers recognise what I see in you every single day. You're doing as expected and beyond expected for your age, I know you're naturally a hard worker so this doesn't surprise me, you enjoy school and I really hope it stays that way throughout your childhood. I feel so proud dropping you off in a morning and collecting you at night, you still hold my hand tightly and whilst I see others shrugging their parents off, you're so happy to give me a big kiss and return the "I love you" before running off to find your friends. Maths is still your strongest point, you astonish everyone with your ability to do really difficult sums in your head, you're my mini Matilda although you must inherit that from Daddy as whilst I too did well in Math - I hated it.

I feel as though we didn't get much 'Mummy Noah time' this year, so I'm making that a priority for 2020, I know we have our own special bond and I truly relish in that extra thirty minutes every night once your brother is in bed. Just you and me. I'm aware that sometimes you being so well behaved and him a bit of a whirlwind that you might feel overlooked, but I want you to always know that it's never the case, you're my baby, my biggest boy and the one who made me Mummy! I could write about you all day, every day and I hope once you get bigger that you'll read these posts from your birthdays each year and know just how much I appreciate you. I know every parent thinks their little ones are special but you are, such a perfect balance of sensitivity and courage, nothing bothers or knocks you, you simply take every little thing in your stride.

It doesn't feel like six years ago I was welcoming you into the world, you seem so grown up but yet when I'm waving you off as you stand in the playground, I realise just how tiny you are. I almost want to run in and wrap you up in cotton wool but I know that every year going forward is just another step of you learning to spread your wings, however sad that feels, I'm excited watching you grow more and more into this amazing young boy. I hope ou never change Noah!

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  1. Kids grow up so fast! Such a lovely post! x

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